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Friday, March 5, 2010



Written and Directed by LAYON GRAY

St. Luke's Theater
308 West 46th (between 8th and 9th Avenues
New York, New York


New York Times

"Every sympathetic character hits one note over and over, but Mr. Gray has the instincts of an entertainer, and the rapport his actors have established is persuasive. This show is also tough to resist. By the end, when the pilots overcame their obstacles and finally got up into the air to the swelling of music, tears welled up in my eyes right after I rolled them."


NY Theatre

"Black Angels Over Tuskegee is a deeply wonderful production that takes an important historical event, presents it in a very intimate manner, and demands a personal response to its characters. While initially I had reservations about a play written and directed by an artist who is also prominent within the cast, this production took my breath away and quashed every hesitation. The sheer depth and emotional power of this cast creates an authentically fulfilling and glorious night of theatre that honors an impressive group of men, the Tuskegee Airmen...At intermission a guy sitting behind me said, 'I feel like I haven't done anything with my life now'-not in a depressed way, but as a clearly impressed reaction to the lengths these men were going to accomplish their goals. And that may sum it up best, that there was a group of men who went so very far to prove themselves, as well as what their people could do-that it both insists on being remembered and poses the question: what are you doing? Black Angels Over Tuskegee brings that moment in history alive with honor and passion."


"Excellent ensemble acting keeps Black Angels Over Tuskegee soaring. As the airmen, David Wendell Boykins, Demetrius Gross, Thom Scott II, Derek Shaun, Jay Jones (standing in for Lamman Rucker), and playwright Gray form a tightly knit, irresistible sextet. Antonio D. Charity as Man, the narrator, and Rich Skidmore as Major Roberts, the only white character in the play, are solid in less flashy but equally important roles. Also the show's director, Gray keeps the action flowing, and his air battles are both poetic and exciting. Jason McGee's first-scene costumes provide welcome touches of color and characterization.
Some plays teach, others celebrate, and a few simply entertain. Black Angels Over Tuskegee manages to do all three and one thing more: It inspires."


Black Enterprise

"The play's opening night comes on the heels of the passing of notable Tuskegee Airmen and entrepreneurs, Percy Suttonand Lee Archer. As many of the aging pilots pass away, their legacies are preserved for future generations through artistic depictions."


Curtain Up
"Black Angels is upbeat in that it demonstrates how African-Americans could succaed in the(military even as they remained restricted in their military careers throughout World War II. The actors playing the cadets are persuasive, and Rich Skidmore possesses the right combination of steel nerve and fierceness as Major Roberts.



"Enjoy[ed] the dialogue, acting, and extraordinary stories that form the backbone of this compelling drama."


Wolf Entertainment Guide

"The actors in this production are terrific and illuminate the stage with abundant magnetism. Audiences will leave with admiration for the Black Angels and understanding of this important chapter in American history. There is a thrill in finally seeing the men lined up in uniform as full-fledged pilots who have made the breakthrough are eager to serve the country that had regarded them as second class citizens."

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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Maurette Unplugged For Haiti

Haiti Relief Concert Takes Place March 5

Pikesville, MD, February 23, 2010 -- Nettie's Child Music and Management,
LLC in conjunction with Rehoboth International Covenant Church is gearing up
to sponsor "I Unplugged for Haiti...with Maurette Brown Clark", a fundraiser
benefit concert on Friday, March 5, 2010. The concert is set to begin at

The concert will be held at Rehoboth International Covenant Church, 9016
Liberty Road, Randallstown, MD, where Apostle Chris and Cathy Williams are
Pastors. Admission is free, but an offering will be taken, and attendees
are urged to bring their best monetary donations.

All proceeds from the fundraiser will be forwarded to Bethel Gospel Assembly
in Harlem, NY, in support of their ongoing Haiti Relief effort. During their
first visit to Port Au Prince, Haiti, they were able to provide medical
supplies and other essential items to earthquake victims. For more
information about Bethel Gospel Assembly, please visit

For more information regarding this fundraiser event, please contact us at www.maurettebrownclark.com.
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