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Thursday, March 18, 2010


Incredibly, but perhaps not surprisingly, Michael Jackson has sold over 31 million records less than a year after his death, the same amount Elvis sold 33 years after his passing according to various sources. Even more incredibly than that, the MJ estate has signed the dotted line with Sony Music Entertainment to release 10 albums over 7 years, an agreement reportedly worth up to $250 million. This deal has broken Jay Z's record ($150 million) for having the biggest record deal in history. The first CD will offer all new music from the King of Pop and is scheduled to be released this November. VIEW THE VIDEO REPORT HERE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4iiigPsiPA8
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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Habakkuk Music, Inc. (“Habakkuk Music”) Official Statement

The following press release is a follow up to a notice of injunction that was originally issued to the media on February 15. Habukkuk Music stands by it's original claim that gospel recording artist Isaiah Thomas is an exclusive agreement with them and .

Baltimore, Maryland, March 14, 2010 – It is the intent at Habakkuk to consistently
practice biblical principles in its effort to resolve the matter between Habakkuk and
Isaiah D. Thomas (“Thomas”). At no time will Habakkuk, its representatives or its
affiliates (1) engage in or resort to any public or private assault of character; (2) wield any fictionally-based accusation or (3) rush in response to any erroneous allegation, past, present or future, to protect its reputation…. For the latter, Habakkuk will faithfully trust God to be our continued defense and the ultimate vindicator of our good name.

In the February 15, 2010 press release, Habakkuk asserts entitlement to an Exclusive
Music Agreement (“Agreement”) with Thomas, not the Global Gospel Music Group. As
such, all activity by Thomas or any other party to advertise, market, promote, distribute or sell any Thomas project, without the expressed consent of Habakkuk in accord with the terms of said Agreement from the date of its ratification, is a breach of said Agreement.

During an era when many among the gospel music industry face strong criticism for
neglecting to practice the basics tenets of the Christian faith, we at Habakkuk are most saddened by our involvement in this issue. We humbly solicit your prayers and
respectfully request you consider removal from airplay any track currently in rotation from Thomas’s latest project until the matter is resolved. More than ever, we at Habakkuk recognize the earnest need for sobriety and discretion in all of our affairs.
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Monday, March 15, 2010


Sad news is in abundance this week, starting with the former prince of pop Chris Brown. Brown, who has been vying for a way to revitalize his career following his 2009 assault on ex-girlfriend Rihanna, has resorted to desperate measures to stage his comeback.

The 20-year-old singer-dancer, who plead guilty to felony assault and is on probation for five years, recorded an audio message Wednesday on Say Now asking his fans to "bring [him] back." A humbled Brown said he needs his fans' help. "Some radio stations aren't playing my records," he said. "They're not being that supportive and I wouldn't expect them to. But it's on the fans...It's in your power to bring me back."

Brown said he is doing everything he can do. He refers to himself as a "better person" and said he is doing his music for the love, but added that his career is in jeopardy.

"It won't be possible for me to be an artist if I don't have support from people who give me an artist outlet," Brown said. "I can't be an underground mixtape artist."

Brown sounds stressed out. After releasing two previously successful albums, it has got to be tough experiencing such a decline in support for his current album, Graffiti.

I know it's been a year since the incident, he has accepted his sentence, and was previously praised by the judge for following through with his community service, but he needs to relax. It is going to take some time for him to repair his reputation. He needs to be patient. He just re-emerged on Twitter at @ChrisBrown and is keeping it positive so far. He Tweeted about reading to 3rd grade students at a school in Harlem. This feels like a better plan. Releasing a new album just eight months after the altercation was just too soon.

Source: yahoo
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KARIMA KIBBLE RELEASES SOLO CD, Signs exclusively to RKD Music Management

Lead singer and co-founder of the popular group “Virtue”

A dynamic force of inspiration, Karima Kibble was destined to share the joy of God’s love and power through the gift of song. Enchanting others with her gifted voice and reverence for God since childhood, Karima’s lifelong praise and trust in God’s plan for her has brought her on a journey of discovery and transformation beyond her wildest dreams. Revealing her full talents on “Just Karima”, which is her first solo album, the lead singer and co-founder of the popular group “Virtue” uplifts the soul as her sweet, powerful voice personifies life’s struggles and embraces the blessings of everyday experiences with God’s love.

"Putting together 'Just Karima' I feel I finally have found my true self" Karima explains,"I was placed here to share with the world what has been in me for years. I am a free spirit who loves people and cares about how they feel; I want to make sure they feel good about themselves on every level. I want people to feel and be their best and if I can do that with mere words, wow I can surely do it with singing what I feel.” Each song resonates with the listener who is easily able to identify with each experience translated by song. Yet this album cannot be classified by one specific genre, it is rather an infectious hybrid of musical genres that is as varied as the wealth of experiences one garners throughout their journey in life - human struggle, love, courage, heartache, strength and lessons learned. Karima continues to recognize God's power and presence in her life, as she embarks on a new path as a solo artist.
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Traditional Gospel Artist Conrad Miller Debuts New Single From Lauded Project, My Journey

Traditional Gospel Artist Conrad Miller Debuts New Single From Lauded Project, My Journey

“Breathe On Me” Added To Gospel Station Playlists Nationwide; Proceeds From The Project Donated To American Society for Suicide Prevention

(Philadelphia, PA) – March 15, 2010 – Conrad was born for traditional gospel music. The Philadelphian got his start in the music industry as the songwriter for a moderate R&B hit, “Carla, My Love” recorded by The SofTones back in the 70s. Since that time, he has been dedicated strictly to gospel music as evidenced by his first CD, My Journey, produced by GRAMMY, Stellar and Dove Award winner Steven Ford. The new release is a collection of gospel, quartet-influenced inspirational tunes. Miller has already found success with the release of the project’s first two singles, “Amazing” and “Momma Prayed For Me” which were played on almost 175 gospel radio stations nationally. “Breathe On Me”, the third single from the project, is destined to bless even more at radio. Penned by Miller himself, the track, a plea from the singer for the breath of God, is a laid-back, mellow song. Already added to stations such as WNAP (Philadelphia, PA), WDSU (Dover, DE), and WWDR (Murfreesboro, NC), “Breathe on Me” is certain to be a favorite of quartet music lovers.

The impetus for My Journey was the sudden and untimely death of Miller’s 16-year old daughter, Lauren. Conrad poured the godly inspiration he received after her death into the project. His daughter even helped him write one song on the project before her suicide, “Jesus Is The Way”. To assist others who have gone through the trauma of losing a family member to suicide, Conrad Miller will be donating a portion of the sales of his CD to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, a 501(c)(3) organization initiated to reduce loss of life from suicide. Conrad Miller wants something positive to come from the loss which is why he decided to record My Journey. Not only is the project a source of healing for the recording artist, but it’s the sound of inspiration for anyone who hears his songs.

Gospel media outlets have been raving about Miller’s My Journey. Gospelflava.com says, “From start to finish, the album remains true to the classic R&B/gospel feel of years gone by that is rarely heard in today’s music.” The Black Gospel Blog said, “The lyrics may be grounded in personal faith, but the songs on My Journey sound as if they were pulled off old vinyl records”. Conrad Miller’s hometown newspaper, The Intelligencer, focused on him in their article “Vocational Passion” where they said, “With Miller’s warm, smooth vocals, and the disc’s melodic uncluttered arrangements, the songs speak to God as both salvation and consolation.”

For more information about Conrad Miller, log on to www.ConradMillerMusic.com.
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