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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Zie'l Undergoes Group Member Transformation

buzzz worthy. . .
Shreveport, LA -- Gospel’s fresh-faced, mega talented girl group Zie’l (pronounced Zye - el) stepped into gospel music with an amazing sound that entranced the music industry and exhilarated new fans.  Their phenomenal vocal ability captured on their 2006 debut release Genesis featured the customized hit remake of the Clark Sister’s “Is My Living In Vain” and the James Cleveland favorite “Surely He’s Able”.  Crystal Bell, Christina Bell, Aphten Jones and Keyondra Lockett perfected a contemporary harmonic style that no one could duplicate.  Now, the Stellar Award nominated skillful singing acrobatics of the four will be heard as three until the decision is made to replace departing member Christina Bell.
Contralto powerhouse Christina Bell exits the group in pursuit of solo musical endeavors.  Christina’s departure is a somewhat somber time for the group, but, contrary to blog topics, is a very peaceable parting.  The remaining group members, who are long-time friends as well as family, are in full support of Christina’s aspirations and  she is in support of the group. 


“I am excited for the journey ahead of me and will miss my girls!” Christina states.  “We shall forever remain family and minister to the masses in Jesus name whether together or apart.”

The former Light Records/Gospel Warehouse Records recording group will be embarking on a future CD release as independent artists. Their 2012 project will be on their label Bella Dawn Records. 
While working on their new project and continuing to perfect their blend, the ladies of Zie’l are busy with school, family and ministry.  Crystal Bell is currently an Education major at Wiley College in Marshall, TX.  Aphten Jones is married and is also a student at Wiley College pursuing a B.S. in Business Administration.  She is also the Youth and Youth Choir director at Peaceful Rest Baptist Church in Shreveport, LA.  Keyondra Lockett is pursuing a B.S. Degree at The Art Institute in Atlanta, GA and is co-owner of the Red Glasses Sisters online fashion boutique.
This gifted group of young ladies has been commissioned to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to people of all ages and walks of life through their exceptional gift of singing. They were all born and raised in the Bright Star Baptist Church, Shreveport, LA, and have been singing together all their lives.  The change in members of the group is only a change in number.  They are friends and they are family and more so than ever enthusiastic about the future of Zie’l! (Via Press Release.)
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