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Friday, August 8, 2014

Billionaires Row and Samsung Electronics, Ltd. Sponsor Fourth Annual African American NAFCA Awards (African Oscars) at Legendary Saban Theater, Los Angeles September 13

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Billionaires Row Chairman William Benson (2014 Special NAFCA Award Recipient) announced today Billionaires Row will be the Host Sponsor with partner Samsung Electronics, Ltd. for the 4th Annual AFRICAN NAFCA (Nollywood & African Film Critics' Awards) being held in Los Angeles on September 13, 2014
NEW YORK, Aug. 8, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Attending Special NAFCA Award Honorees include Stars Sir Sidney Poitier, Louis Gossett Jr. (Lifetime Achievement Award in Cinema) and Isaiah Washington (Humanitarian Award). The NAFCA Special Honors were presented for the first time in 2011 to President Nelson Mandela. Recipients of this award in subsequent years include President Yahya Jammeh of The Gambia, President Jonathan E. Goodluck and President Ellen J. Sirleaf.
Film Award Categories and Nominees include:
Best Foreign film

  1. 12 Years A Slave
  1. Woman Thou Art Loosed
  1. Silent No More
  1. The DSK Story
  1. Anything is Possible
  1. Steve McQueen-12 Years A Slave
  1. Neema Barnette–Woman Thou Art Loosed
  1. Demetrius Navarro–Silent No More
  1. Damian Chapa –The DSK Story
  1. Biyi Bandele-Half of a Yellow Sun

Best Director in a Foreign Film
The prestigious African NAFCA awards (The African Oscars) are highest awards of merit in African film designed to globally promote films, African Cinema and culture. The Special NAFCA Honors are awarded to recognize outstanding individuals whose professional careers have been marked by extraordinary personal and professional accomplishments.

"The Human Spirit is boundless and we at Billionaires Row are honored to support NAFCA. We proudly join other sponsors Samsung, VOMOZ Communications, Cameroon and The Cameroon Ministry of Arts and Culture in celebrating this world wide recognition of great talent and humanity," William Benson, Chairman (Award Recipient) (www.billionairesrow.com )

The Star-studded evening known as the African NAFCA hosted by Lester Speight, Stella Damasus, Michael Adegoke and Jackie Christie will include1900 guests from over 20 countries attending this star-studded diplomatic, prestigious awards ceremony.
"Billionaires Row and Samsung are expanding the African NAFCA brand, increasing the awareness of our common humanitarian values by combining our artistic, creative and cultural diversities in the world. Billionaires Row with the elite customer base and charitable/humanitarian philosophy is helping to join us all in the brotherhood of humanity", Dr. Victor Olatoye the President of the African NAFCA commenting on William Benson and Billionaires Row.

Honored Dignitaries will include His Imperial Majesty Kabiyesi Alaiyeluwa Oba Okunade Sijuwade Olubuse II The Ooni of Ife (Special NAFCA Legend Award- Nigeria), Hon. First Lady Chantal Biya (Image & Humanitarian Awards-Chantal Biya Foundation-Cameroon) and Hon. Dr Folorunsho Alakija (Image &Humanitarian Awards-Rose of Sharon Award-Nigeria).
The 4th African NAFCA Awards will be held on September 13th, 2014 at the legendary Saban Theatre. Red Carpet opening from 5-6:45pm, African Oscars- NAFCA 2014 7 -9:30pm and a Celebrity Afterparty 9-2:30am

View NAFCA nominees here.
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Fronts Is an Edgy Webseries Drama about Religious Civil War in the U.S.

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Two independent filmmakers from Norman, Okla., are looking to expand production for the show's second season.
NORMAN, Okla., Aug. 8, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Zachary Little of Norman, Okla., has a unique way of expressing his views about religion and politics.

Along with co-producer and co-writer Jake Morrison, he created GIED Productions, which has released an edgy video blog drama, Fronts, about a religious civil war in the U.S. The plot of Fronts, which launched its first season last year, centers on a coalition of southern states – Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Oklahoma – that secedes from the United States to form The Holy Texas Republic (HTR).

An imminent civil war ensues and after a year of fighting, Russia enters the fray, destroying New York City, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles and Seattle.

In Fronts, two good friends, Connor Welles and James Farraby, try to stay in touch, despite living on opposite geographical ends of the war. Season 2 is about to begin and the story follows Farraby as he tries to get his daughter safely across the country. At the same time, Welles investigates a large HTR troop movement in Oklahoma.

"Our goal with this series is to bring about discussion about religious-atheist relations, political polarization and the ethics and philosophies of war," explained Little.

He is looking to improve the video blog's second season by expanding production, including a wider cast, better sets and higher-quality audio. "We hope to produce a better video and broaden our audience," Little said.

Jake Morrison is in Seattle where he will be directing half the series. Both partners are going to watch episodes and go back and between Washington and Oklahoma.

This is going involve about $19,000 of funding for cameras, microphones, recorders, lights, costumes, compensation for actors and staff, transportation, and promotion. To generate this capital, Little has launched an Indiegogo campaign, which can be viewed atwww.indiegogo.com/projects/fronts - _=_.

Donations of any amount are welcome. For a $30 contribution, backers will receive a Fronts T-shirt. For $75, you can get a full copy of the series script. A $100 donation fetches a DVD of the second season.
Other perks are also available for contributors, such as army combat jackets and a signed poster. All perks are American made, and support small independent businesses in the area.

For additional information, visit www.indiegogo.com/projects/fronts - _=_; the Fronts Facebook page, www.facebook.com/growineverydirection; or the GIED website, www.giedproductions.com, which includes episodes from the first season.

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Thursday, August 7, 2014

American general killed in Afghanistan was from Northern Virginia

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Just when we thought the conflict in Afghanistan was over, another American soldier was killed. The remains of Mjr. General Harold Greene were returned to Fall Church. Va. today.  The two star Army general was fatally shot Tuesday when a man wearing an Afghan soldier's uniform, possibly a mole the Taliban claimed worked for them, opened fire in a training facility in Kabul .  Gen. Green, 55 was the commanding general for the Combined Security Transition Command, and  had made a routine stop on a training mission  when he died. His command was responsible for helping transfer security control back to the Afghans.

More than a dozen coalition troops were also wounded during the attack.

Gen. Greene  was a 30-year veteran and the highest ranking officer killed in the line of duty since the Sept. 11, 2001 attack.

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Rep. Rangel receives standing ovation at African Leadership Summit

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WASHINGTON, DC - Congressman Charles B. Rangel (NY-13), who made history as the first African American chairman of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee, received a standing ovation following his remarks welcoming hundreds of African business leaders attending a special event for the Africa Leadership Summit at the United States Capitol, on Wednesday, August 6, 2014.

The event, "A Dialogue with African CEOs," was hosted by Congressman Gregory W. Meeks (NY-5), Co-Chair of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) Africa Task Force, and included panel discussions with political leaders, representatives from trade and development agencies, business leaders, and Members of Congress. It took place on the last day of the historical U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit, in which President Barack Obama brought together heads of state from 50 African countries to focus on how to encourage progress in key areas that are crucial to the future development of the continent.

"This is an exciting opportunity," said Rangel. "It's so historic. The seeds we planted 13 years ago [with the passage of the Africa Growth and Opportunity Act] go far beyond our legislative imagination. It wasn't the bill; it was the people that made it." Rangel continued, "I tell you, having 50 African leaders in the White House, in the United States Congress… the whole world is watching what we do."

Rangel, who currently serves as the top Democrat on the Ways and Means Subcommittee on Trade, has been a longtime supporter of promoting economic growth and development in Africa. He was the primary author of the Africa Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA), which for the first time created a trade and investment framework between the U.S. and the countries of sub-Saharan Africa.

Since its enactment in May 2000 by President Bill Clinton, AGOA has helped more than triple African exports to almost $25 billion, drastically increasing the per capita income in sub-Saharan Africa. AGOA has played an important role in the partnership between the United States and Africa, signaling new job opportunities in Africa and investment opportunities for Americans.

Inspired by Rangel's many accomplishments and years of service, Meeks described him as a trailblazer who "has been moving and always ahead of the curve."

"We're not only going to be able to shift the economy for equality, to be able to have our kids have decent healthcare, education, and aspirations, we're going to let the whole world know that color is not going to be what it used to be in terms of who is free and who is not," said Rangel, who is one of the two remaining founding Members of the CBC still serving in the United States Congress.

A complete video of Congressman Rangel's welcoming remarks can be watched here.

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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

"72%" movie tackles single Black moms epedemic

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Moguldom Studios, known for their revolutionary style of documentaries called "docutainment," has released 72%, an intriguing and provocative new film about the growing cultural crisis of single mothers within the African-American community. The documentary was released on July 29, 2014 and is available for purchase on DVD, as well as digital download through online retailers including iTunes, GooglePlay, Amazon.com and MoguldomStudios.com
View The Trailer
Moguldom Studios is leading the way in producing non-theatrical films through digital networks by keeping at the pulse of trending topics that are relevant in today's ever-evolving world. 

"Baby mamas," single mothers, deadbeat dads and absentee fathers: these polarizing terms are commonplace in today's African-American community. Nearly 72% of black children are born out of wedlock, and single mothers are raising most. Why is it that black men continue to neglect their parental responsibilities?

Through the perspective of various experts, 72% looks into the reasoning behind the rise of single mothers in the African-American community. The film investigates the effects that colonization and slavery have had on the black family unit, which was once solid and intact.

Today's media is inundated with stories of black single mothers, child support cases, and so-called "welfare queens." The African-American community at large has clapped back at criticism from Don Lemon, Rush Limbaugh, Fox News reporter Ben Carson, and even Black leaders like Bill Cosbyand President Barack Obama. 72% provides a raw and analytical view of the media's portrayal of this phenomenon in regards to African-American households.

Single black mothers chime in to tell their stories from their vantage point. Cameras follow one single mother of three as she changes hats from full-time employee to full-time caretaker in order to provide and care for her children on her own. 72% leaves no stone left unturned as it seeks to expose this issue from all perspectives and compel viewers to reconstruct the African-American family from the ground up.


"The purpose of our films is to spark debate. Here at Moguldom, we accept the challenge of initiating spirited and provocative discussion. 72% is another example of presenting an issue so culturally relevant and important, that examining it was the natural thing for us to do," says Brett Dismuke, President of Moguldom Entertainment. 

72% is currently available for purchase on DVD and digital download via Amazon.com, GooglePlay, iTunes and www.moguldomstudios.com.

Production credits include Jamarlin MartinMarve Frazier and Barion L. Grant as Executive Producers, Rasheed J. Daniel as Co-Executive Producer, with Jeremy Batchelor and Janice M. Garcia as Directors. 

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Life imitates art as wire actor is stabbed at a DC Nightclub

buzzz worthy. . . By Mona Austin

Actor Anwan Glover who played Slim Charles, the gangster in HBO's The Wire is recovering from stab wounds he sustained in a DC night club early Sunday morning. 

Glover, 41, said he was at CafĂ© Asia to support a go-go band when an unknown person snuck a punch to his head. A second person also joined in the attack he said. Glover told investigators while trying to defend himself he landed on the ground, was kicked repeatedly and felt a sharp pain in his side according to WJLA-TV news. He was treated for lacerations at George Washington Medical Center and released. 

The actor later wrote in an Instagram message: “I am recovering and will be back soon. My flesh may be stabbed but my spirit is unbreakable.”

Glover's publicist told CNN he did not know the attackers and the incident was random. “The attack was a complete shock to Anwan, as there was no incident or argument of any kind leading to it.”

Also known as Big G, Glover resides in Maryland and is a member of the Backyard Band, a local go-go group. 

On Monday, Metropolitan Police  Chief Cathy Lanier shut the establishment down for the next for 96 hours as D.C. police continue to  investigate. Reports say club security did not propoerly address the fight or the unruly crowd at Club Asia. No one has been arrested. 

Glover also played parts in HBO's "Treme" and the Oscar winning Best Picture, "Twelve Years A Slave."
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Monday, August 4, 2014

Laila Ali and Meagan Good to Host Annual Pageant, Dawnn Lewis is Mistress of Ceremonies

buzzz worthy. . . The Little Miss African American Scholarship Pageant Turns 21! Los Angeles - The Little Miss African American Scholarship Pageant (LMAA) comes of age this year with its 21-year anniversary celebration on August 10, 2014 at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre in Los Angeles. Actresses Laila Ali and Meagan Good will co-host, joining Dawnn Lewis, the mistress of ceremonies, as a bevy of little beauties, ages six to 12, make their way on stage to compete for over $10,000 in scholarships and prizes. Pageant producer Lisa Ruffin notes that this year's event will also celebrate past contestants who have grown up and gone on to accomplish wonderful feats! Judges this year include Penny Johnson Jerald (ABC-TV's "Castle); Ella Joyce (TV One's Belle's); Lamman Rucker (TBS's "Meet the Browns"); Shamicka Lawrence (VH-1's "Hollywood Exes") and TV/radio host Mother Love, to name just a few. The pageant starts at 4:00 p.m. Tickets may be purchased online at www.littlemissafricanamerican.org as well as at the door. VIP and reserved seating is available. As the longest running pageant of its kind, the Little Miss African American Scholarship Pageant continues to extend its history of dedication to a legacy of nurturing young girls into proud and intelligent young women. The original creation of actress/ choreographer Lisa Ruffin, the Little Miss African American Scholarship pageant has consistently emphasized brains over beauty, positively impacting the lives of thousands of impressionable young women. Pageant producer/ choreographer, Lisa Ruffin Cites Ruffin, "These young ladies just keep me going strong. This year, as we turn 21, we honor them all, past and present. Alycia Jones was the very first LMAA and received her bachelor's degree from University of Florida. Our second, Alexis Witherspoon competed in the Olympics Trials, then graduated from USC. LaTanya Fisher was LMAA 1995 and she graduated from USC as well. Myisha Lyseight was LMAA 1996. She earned her B.S. in Psychology from UCLA. She went on to complete her Masters degree in Speech-Language Pathology at Syracuse University in New York. She also played it forward by joining the LMAA staff last year." "The state of Texas produced LMAA 1998, Lauren Hayes. Lauren graduated from the very prestigious Notre Dame and is currently working there. Then there is Miss Shakina that Academy Award winner Mo'Nique crowned," continues Ruffin. "She graduated from USC and is in Law School at Howard University. We train our girls to wear their C.A.P. (Confidence, Awarness & Pride)!"
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