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Rev. Dr. Charley Hames Authors Transformative New Book - PRESSING RESET: When Life Forces You To Start Over Again

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Thirty-two years before Rev. Dr. Charley Hames, Jr. pastored one of the Bay Area’s fastest growing churches, he was a timid fourth grader who was ridiculed by his teacher: “You will never be good at English,” she said. “You will never be good at public speaking.” Those angry, biting words changed young Charley’s life.  He owned them, at first. But then, he pressed reset making the choice to prove this teacher wrong. Now at the age of 41, Dr. Hames leads over 2,500 worshipers at Beebe Memorial Cathedral in Oakland, CA and can be heard by millions each week as the "Voice of Inspiration" on San Francisco Bay Area's 102.9FM  KBLX Radio.  Hames has now released his first book, PRESSING RESET: When Life Forces You To Start Over Again, and urges the churched and unchurched to stop dwelling in the past because God gives us all a clean slate. 
“When a shameful life episode hits you so hard you think you can’t do anything but give up, when you feel God has left you - that’s when you must reach for the reset button,” said Hames.  “I’ve pastored hundreds of people who’ve thought they didn’t deserve better lives and that it was too late to shift their destiny.  My hope is that this book invigorates people like them — just hoping for a spark of inspiration that tells them they can still fulfill their dreams and leave a lasting legacy.”

In PRESSING RESET, Dr. Hames turns his own stories of overcoming challenges into a powerful and inspirational guide that instructs readers on how to design a Reset Plan for their lives.  With transparency and humility, he also shepherds readers through ways of dealing with some of life’s most devastating predicaments like separation, divorce and the death of a loved one.  Using vivid bible-based accounts and real-world examples Hames leaves readers feeling even closer to God.

PRESSING RESET, published by Spirit Driven Publishing, is available now on  For more information about Dr. Hames, please visit or download Dr. Hames Press Kit: here.