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Findng Our Roots postponed at the conclusion of Affleck investigaion

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An investigation into why actor Ben Affleck was upset about a portion of his interview airing on PBS's "Finding our Roots" has ended with the show being postponed. The conclusion of the investigation was released on Wednesday.

“PBS and WNET have determined that the series co-producers violated PBS standards by failing to shield the creative and editorial process from improper influence, and by failing to inform PBS or WNET of Mr. Affleck’s efforts to affect program content.,” PBS stated.  Affleck claimed the host, Henry Louis Gates aired a portion off his family's past that he' asked to be left omitted, raising questions of censorship.  Correspondencebetween Gates and were revealed in the Sony hack.  Affleck said online that he was embarrassed to learn he had a family member who owned slaevs and did no want the information aired.  PBS opened an investigation and has not only decided to postpone airings of the show, but to remove the episode that aired online. Read more here.