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Multi-Grammy winner Keith Urban washonored at Grammys on the Hill inin Washington, DC for his commitment to music education in schools.
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Los Angeles Pastor Responds to the Civil Unrest in Baltimore and the Police Driven Tragedies in the US with a Message Music Video.

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Los Angeles - Pastor Chuck Singleton has been involved in the civil rights movement since his youth.  He pastors Loveland Church in the Los Angeles area with a congregation of 5000.  For over 40 years Pastor Chuck and Loveland Church have been working to resolve racial disparity and bring hope to those who feel abandoned by society.  Now in an effort to help the masses in a new, fresh and compelling way, Pastor Singleton is creating contemporary and provocative music videos. The first of several is entitled MAN UP
Pastor Singleton states “Man UP speaks volumes through lyrics like another momma’s tears, graveside goodbye... As a minister I've buried too many young hopes and dreams from misguided gangbangers to star high school quarterbacks. Then I've driven up on my own son with an officer’s pistol pointed at his head, while a smarter officer examined a toy pistol discovered in his car after a church play. The killing has to stop! While it's not universal, police brutality is real. I worry every time one of my four sons goes out the door. But it's not just a black thing or a white thing. It's a heart thing and a hope thing! It has been said that 'a man without anything to lose is the most dangerous man there is.' This won't be cured until our young people find hope and law enforcement is recognized as part of the cure not part of the problem!”
When asked why he chose music videos as his preferred medium, Pastor Singleton further states “"Music speaks to a culture at a level where CNN is not heard. Music echoes when other voices have gone dark. We chose Music because it dances in darkness and leads to light. George Santayana wrote "never mind its constitution and platitudes, let me write a nations songs and I'll shape its destiny.
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About Loveland Church:
Loveland Church has three physical locations plus a vibrant Internet church reachable at  With thousands of socially active members, Loveland operates many outreaches designed to uplift the needy and help people become grounded, productive contributors to society. 
Pastor Singleton and Loveland Church created the “Combat Teen Sex Trafficking” (CTST) program and have successfully rescued teens who have been abducted and forced into sex trafficking. They also have a program called “Adopt a Block” where they choose a block in the city and for 6 weeks go door to door to see what the people are in need of and provide it. They have provided help with food, furniture, bills and more.
For more information contact: Dave Weeden, Kaleidoscope and Loveland Media
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