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Brainy Bristow sisters to star in reality web series, "Model Behavior"

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Unscripted show gives viewers an inside look at pageant and modeling competitions through the eyes of two sisters.

Young book smart beauties eye the spotlight in pageantry and modeling in new Web-based series.

(Bristow, VA --July 7, 2015)   Some parents sign their children up for modeling for fame and others for funds,  but a work-from-home mom in Bristow, VA signed her daughters up as a form therapy.

The run way is the last place you would expect to see the brainy Austin sisters (Aria and Amber), who prefer books to beauty, but that is exactly where the quarrelsome, yet close knit pair solidify their sisterly bond in the new original docuseries, "Model Behavior: One Year Later."

"Model Behavior" takes a  rare look at children pursuing their goals on their own versus  cooperating with the demands of over-bearing parents.  This perspective and the personalities of the stars of the show sets it apart from other  child-centered programs that are on the market today.  Through the joys and pains of fierce competition these talented youngsters learn to appreciate working for what the want in life.

The stars of the show, Aria, a 15-year-old singer, actress an model and  Amber, 8, a model and dancer (AKA Big A and Lil' A) are two high achievers who are confident they can  become to  pageantry and modeling what  Venus and Serena Williams are to tennis -- if only their mother would allow them to take a swing at the runway.

Highlighting the experiences over a full year,  "Model Behavior" follows the ups and downs of the two  small town girls,  as they hit the road to pursue their big dreams with stops in New York, DC, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Equally equipped for the Ivy League as they are for "the business," both girls have the talent to back up their ambition, but must get an early start on building their resumes before their mother,  "Momma A," a well connected entertainment journalist takes a chance using her name to launch their careers.

The journey begins when "Momma A," their omnipresent, but invisible co-star, attempts  to cure incessant sibling rivalry between the two blood sisters by granting their to wish to compete in their first pageant.

For years, Mrs. Austin avoided involving her daughters in the pageant world due to the negative stigma about both contestants' and parental behavior.  However, she said, "It was becoming increasingly more difficult to manage the dynamic of the girls' 8-year age gap, so I decided to get creative and I felt pageants were worth trying for their positive aspects."

Raising her children to value inward virtue over vanity is a key focus of the show, added Mrs. Austin.   She keeps the girls on track with a blend of mother wit and business intuition. As the year  progresses, the Austin sisters collect some crowns and castings and prove bratty behavior does not have to be tolerated or rewarded to get ahead.

Produced by JCG Entertainment, of the 10 episodes of "Model Behavior" gives viewers an up close and personal look at the girls' experiences with flashbacks to their preparation and competitions.  

Does Momma A's  creative parenting last long? Will the Austin's sisters' dreams become reality?  Find out when "Model Behavior" premieres on You Tube on Monday, July 13 at 7:30 p.m., EST, 4:30 PST.

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