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Joe Jackson suffers a blinding stroke

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Mona Austin

Jackson family patriarch, Joe Jackson is hospitalized in Brazil after suffering a stroke on his 87th birthday.  On Sunday in São Paulo,  Jackson reportedly woke up dizzy and unable to see.   According to TMZ, who broke the story, doctors at the Albert Einstein Hospital in Brazil are running tests to determine the extent of the damage and whether to fly the elder Jackson back to the U.S. for treatment.  Mr. Jackson is diabetic, but at reporting time it is unknown if the  disease was a factor in the illness or whether Jackson has regained his sight.

Mr. Jackson was in the country to celebrate his birthday in a massive Brazilian-themed bash, placing an open invitation online:  “Join me on the 26th of July to celebrate 87 full years on earth. The greatest adventure you can take on this world, is to live your life and enjoy the ride.” 

The father of the late Michael Jackson arrived in the country on July 22 ahead of the official party and had been living it up and "enjoying the ride" just days before illness struck. Photos on his Web site show the talent manager  appearing to be in good spirits while making appearances with a client, French artist Angelina Stillitti at various venues.   Prior to leaving for Brazil, in  June Jackson attended the BET Awards to see his youngest daughter, Janet receive the Icon Award.  He also makes a cameo appearance in Janet's video, "No Sleep." It is currently unknown whether any Jackson children were in Brazil with their father.

The visit may have combined business as Nexxing Marketing Group  was to host the $200,000 celebration for Poppa Jackson according to his Web site.