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Lincoln Chafee is running for president on the Dem ticket too

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Hillary Clinton is not the only contender in the Democratic field for president.  But, that's stating the obvious.  What is less obvious to the average American voter is that the former Secretary of State is not a shoo-in for the Democratic presidential nomination. Recently, The Washington Post had Clinton polling at less than 50%.  Questions about her integrity stemming from Bengazi and having her own personal email account when serving as Secretary of Sate are getting in her way.  It's time to get to know other candidates vying for the Democratic nomination. Here's a name to remember: Lincoln Chafee. The Rhode Island governor is one of five candidates running for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Lincoln Chafee (D-RI),  has political roots, is strong on foreign affairs and says politically he compares to FDR. When asked why he is running for president by MSNBC's Andrea Mithell, he replied, "I have three children and I care about the future of all children and  future genertions. . . I car about the repair work after the collasal mistake we made in invading Iraq."

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