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The Misuse of "Star Power"

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EDMONDS, Wash., July 8, 2015  -- Dr. Gregory Jantz, founder of The Center • A Place of HOPE in Edmonds, Washington, delivered a recent statement about the abuse of trust and lack of confidentiality by treatment professionals, counselors and others confided to high profile, high net worth celebrities, athletes and business executives.

"At a time when high profile individuals are most vulnerable, confidants they trust the most are breaking that trust. Too many are openly discussing in articles, online posts, in on air or print magazine interviews their high profile clients' struggles in an effort to gain notoriety."
"Those in the public spotlight, and those who run or manage large corporations, deal with intense scrutiny. The pressure can be overwhelming. The number one self-reporting issue among high-profile individuals in depression, followed by addiction and eating disorders."

"The result for the high-profile individual – whose constantly-in-the-spotlight challenges and struggles can be debilitating – is to shy away from the treatment they so badly need because they feel they cannot trust anyone." 

"Trained counselors and healthcare providers agree to a code of ethics to protect the privacy of their clients. So why do trained healthcare and spiritual professionals feel the need to publicize their clients' struggles? Confidentiality is at the core of a treatment professional ethos. Even if it is perceived common knowledge that an individual is receiving treatment, a professional should not further the conversation with public comments," Dr. Jantz continued. 

The Center • A Place of HOPE, recently recognized as one of the top ten facilities in the U.S. for the treatment of depression, provides a world-class treatment facility to the high profile, high privacy and high net worth individuals from around the world. It holds their privacy and confidentiality absolutely sacrosanct. 

"If we were to ever publicize their identity, my concern would be that others who desperately needed intensive care – but could not afford to have publicity about their treatment – would be pushed away at a time when they and their families needed it the most." 

"We treat actors, performers, professional athletes, current political figures, Fortune 100 C-level executives and mega-church clergy. We understand their need for absolute anonymity. So we created a private sanctuary that provides the lasting treatment they need to regain their peace, their strength, and their lives."

The Center's high-profile facility accommodates only one individual or one family at a time to ensure absolute privacy. The gated, luxury estate sits on two tranquil, beautiful acres secluded in the hills thirty minutes north of Seattle. Towering pines, waterfalls, outdoor gazebos and ponds dot the wooded property. 

"We take great care to ensure the entire environment meets the high standards of our clients so they can feel completely comfortable and focus on getting well," Dr. Jantz said.
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