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Michael Jackson's Close Friend Auctions MJ's Sunglasses to Raise Money for Charity

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Very few of Michael Jackson's personal belongings have ever been sold. To raise money for charity, MJ's close friend Omer Bhatti is now auctioning off a pair of Michael Jackson's sunglasses from his Dangerous World Tour. The last time (2011) a pair of MJ's glasses were sold, the winning bid landed at $60K.

Omer Bhatti was 11 when he first met his idol Michael Jackson, and soon after he moved to Neverland with his mom and dad to live with The King of Pop. For the next nine years Omer and Michael lived, worked and toured together, and Omer and Michael's biological children are as close as siblings.

Omer has always kept his close relationship with Michael Jackson very private and has never sold either stories or items, but to raise money for charity he is now auctioning off one of his cherished belongings: the sunglasses MJ wore almost daily during his Dangerous World Tour. These are not stage glasses, but Michael's private glasses that he wore while on the move.
"When I was 15, my mom suffered from a serious stroke that turned our lives upside down. Sunnaas Rehabilitation Hospital in Norway helped her get her life back, and by donating these glasses, I want to raise as much money as possible to support their amazing work."

Omer's mom Pia was the nanny of Michael's children while the Bhatti family lived at Neverland, and Omer's decision to sell the glasses has been blessed by the Jackson family with whom he remains very close. The family has a policy not to sell any of MJ's personal belongings, but support this donation.

Michael Jackson's sunglasses are sold using the Snapsale app. Snapsale offers everyone the opportunity to sell their stuff fast and hassle free. For Michael Jackson's sunglasses, the latest bid is stated as the current price.
"Everyone can take part in the auction by placing a bid using Snapsale. I wouldn't be where I am doing what I love if it hadn't been for Michael, and my mom wouldn't have been here if it hadn't been for Sunnaas Hospital."
To place a bid, install the Snapsale app and search for either Omer or Michael Jackson.
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