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White House assistant shoots at capitol police boyfriend

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A White House assistant to President Obama and House Legislative Affairs Liaison, has blown away her career for allegedly firing a gun at her Capitol Police Officer boyfriend in  a domestic violence related dispute.

Barvetta Singletary
On Friday, August 7, in a fit of rage Barvetta Singletary, 37, turned her boyfriends service gun on him when he would not release his cell phone pass code.  They had argued about him seeing other women and she wanted to check his phone for evidence. When he refused to cooperate with her demands, she shot the 40 caliber Glock 23 service gun once into the couch where he was sitting. "You taught me how to use this, don't think I won't," she said before shooting according to the police report. Her lover ran out of her home located in Prince George's County unharmed and called 911, telling police he saw her wipe the gun down before he left.

Charged with first and  second degree assault and reckless endangerment, Singletary's access to the White House was revoked and she has been place on unpaid leave.

The  White House released this  statement on Monday: "We are aware of the matter and have temporarily placed the employee in question on unpaid leave and revoked her access to the complex until we have more information. We will take additional actions as needed."

Public records indicate she earned an annual salary of $126,250 last year,
She was released Monday after posting a $75,000 bond and now faces unpaid leave and revoked access to The White House com.A U.S Capitol Poilce Department investigation is underway.