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Dr. Chevelta A. Smith Pinpoints the Right Time to Birth Your Dreams and Deliver Your Purpose in New Book, CAN I PUSH?

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(NASHVILLE, Tennessee) -- In the new book Can I Push? Understanding the Process to Delivering Your Purpose, available everywhere on September 15th, Dr. Chevelta A. Smith illuminates the truth that we were ALL ( male and female) designed to birth out greatness of some kind. Dr. Smith helps readers understand when the time is right to push out that idea, dream or desire that has been inside of them, waiting to be born.

How can you be sure that when you deliver your purpose it will be healthy, successful, and will become all that you imagined? How do you even know when it is the right time to push out the greatness that God has placed inside of you?

Dr. Smith found that the answers to these questions, and more, lie right inside of us. As a board certified Obstetrician/Gynecologist, Dr. Smith has had a front row seat to managing the God-designed process, development and delivery of thousands of pregnancies throughout her career. Throughout her years of practicing medicine, she quickly noticed that the same processes she had to explain to her patients concerning what was happening inside of their bodies during pregnancy, overlapped significantly with the counsel she gave to church members, friends, colleagues and others regarding the questions they had about birthing their own gifts and dreams and finding their purpose.

Can I Push? offers one of the most unique perspectives written today about delivering your purpose. From conception to delivery, Dr. Smith shares the many medical/spiritual parallels God revealed to her through her medical practice experiences with respect to acknowledging, confirming, nurturing and delivering what's inside of you.

Can I Push? is available for pre-order at

About the Author:
Chevelta A. Smith, D.O., is a board certified Obstetrician and Gynecologist, pastor, marriage coach, educator, blogger and published medical author. Dr. Smith is a dynamic and powerful speaker, known for delivering the Word of God in a lively, non-traditional and dramatic way, and often uses her medical knowledge to dissect Gods Word. She has impacted lives across the nation through the broadcast ministries of Resurrection Today, TBN, Streaming Faith, her former radio show, Straight Talk with Dr. Chevelta, as well as through B.E.D. Marriage Movement which she co-founded with her husband over 15 years ago. Dr. Smith has worked as Director of the Womens Health Curriculum for the Rowan University Medical School, and she recently launched Raw Medicine - a platform that provides natural and spiritual healing, and improves the quality of individual lives by delivering a living, whole and fresh word via videos, TV, radio, writing and speaking engagements. She recently launched the blog site Although a native of Washington, D.C., Dr. Smith currently resides and practices medicine in Pennsylvania. Dr. Smith has been happily married for more than two decades and has three beautiful children.