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Friday, May 29, 2015

OWN releases hot summer line up

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Los Angeles - Summer fun is coming to OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network with the series premiere of the new Evelyn Lozada docu-series "Livin' Lozada" on Saturday, July 11 at 9 p.m. ET/PT, followed by the return of the popular OWN docu-series "Flex & Shanice" at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

"Livin' Lozada" follows the lives of Evelyn Lozada, of "Basketball Wives" fame, and her 21-year-old daughter Shaniece.  Evelyn has moved on from the heartache of her highly publicized divorce in a big way. She is engaged to big league baseball player Carl Crawford and the happy couple have a one-year-old son, Leo.  Between learning to be a mom all over again, setting up a new home in Los Angeles for her and her family, working on getting the sequel to her first book published, as well as dealing with issues surrounding her family back East...Evelyn has a lot going on!  

Not to be outdone, her daughter Shaniece, has a blossoming modeling career and is working on starting her own bikini line, looking to her mom for advice which she (sometimes) takes.  Each episode is filled with close friends and relatives in the ladies' lives who help round out a world filled with laughter, support and encouragement as we follow Shaniece carving out the new life before her and Evelyn moving on from her past and embracing the new life she has found.

The series is produced by Shed Media (part of the unscripted/alternative television department at Warner Bros.), with Pam Healey, John Hesling, Lisa Shannon, Russ Heldt and Evelyn Lozada as executive producers.  

"Flex & Shanice" follows the lives of husband and wife duo, actor Flex Alexander ("One on One"), Grammy-nominated singer Shanice ("I Love Your Smile") and their extended family all living together under one roof. From the outside looking in, Flex and Shanice are living the dream - they are beautiful celebrities with a long-standing marriage, gorgeous kids and a lovely home in suburbia.  But what this fairytale couple has been hiding from the world is that they have been struggling financially for the past five years, so they moved their hilarious extended family in to help make ends meet.

As the couple often says, "We're not where we want to be, but we're not where we used to be," and viewers will see just that in the second season. But nine people under one roof can add just as much stress as it relieves. And while Flex builds on his acting and stand-up careers with the release of his graphic novel, Shanice hustles to convince a Grammy-nominated producer to EP her new album while raising two precocious kids. This family is just trying to hold it together for long enough to capture that one big break that could turn their luck around.  

"Flex & Shanice" is produced by Lynch-Dyson Entertainment.  Executive producers are Jeff Dyson, Vernon Lynch, Julie Pizzi and Patty Ivins.

Join the discussion on Twitter using #LivinLozada and #FlexandShanice.
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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Sunday Best champ Geoffrey Golden releases first single, "All fof My Help"

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Season seven  BET’S Sunday Best winner and Fo Yo Soul Recordings/RCA artist Geoffrey Golden released his first single All Of My Help to all digital music providers today. All Of My Help is the first single from Geoffrey’s debut album Kingdom…LIVE! executive produced by Kirk Franklin and available everywhere on August 7, 2015.  
“A short time ago, I had the pleasure of hosting the live recording for Geoffrey’s debut release,” said Kirk Franklin. “I was amazed at the level of music and ministry that came out of this young man! It was obvious to me that God was allowing us to launch not merely a talent but also a powerful ministry.  I am so excited to share his first single from the live recording with the listeners.”
Be sure to catch Geoffrey Golden performing at the 30th Chicago Gospel Music Festival on May 29-30, 2015 in Millennium Park.
All Of My Help Retail Links
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George Pataki becomes 8th candidate to seek the GOP bid for the 2016 presidential run

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"Pataki for Presdient" reads the campaign signage for George Pataki, a three-term popular former New York governor who has been away from the political scene for eight years.  He entered into the 2016 presidential race for the Republican nomination today.  Pataki announced his intent to run in a Youtube video today, following Rick Santorum's announcement yesterday.  He immediately attacked Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton's ties to Washington as a potential threat, "No one will be above the law, " he said.  "Not even if you are a former Secretary of State whose name happens to be Clinton." Pataki is not an experience Washington politician, but a plus is that he led New York through the 911 recovery efforts. "If we are to flourish as a people, we have to fall in love with America again," Pataki says in the video.

Including Pataki, 8 names are officially on the of hopeful seeking the Republican nomination,
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Cheryl "Pepsii" Riley'snew CD "Still Believe" available on iTunes

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New York - When Cheryl "Pepsii" Riley sings, every ear in the room listens. She has the kind of sultriness that seeps underneath every nook and cranny in the listener and grips with a firm hold.  It's one of the reasons why famed director Tyler Perry has continued to cast her for over a decade now in his many productions. With her new music project, "Still Believe," on her independent label, SodaFace Records, Riley has delivered a true showstopper. "Still Believe" is a faith filled, heart drenched conviction of love persevered and Cheryl "Pepsii" Riley delivers sweet dominion with each pumping note.  
Passion packed with 12 tracks, penned by Riley and her writing partner, Luke Austin, "Still Believe," reverberates with silky soul, rhythmic R&B, dreamy jazzy undertones and bluesy thunder.  "Still Believe in Love," the single release, is a powerhouse declaration of defiance in the face of love gone wrong.  Showcasing Riley's scintillating vocal ability, the track is a melodious stampede with righteous fervor. On "Just Can't Stop," another selection, Riley dives in deep and serves up down home, blues trodden angst amid unrequited lust. "Work in Progress" reveals the songbird rocking hard in an anthem for trust-shattered hearts.

Many remember Cheryl "Pepsii" Riley from when she first burst on to the music scene in the late '80's with her torching classic "Thanks for My Child." She has since continued to propel her career and remains a formidable force on today's musical landscape. "Still Believe" is her second independent release since her CD project "Let Me Be Me," four years ago. Her fan base has grown exponentially via her exposure in numerous Tyler Perry projects, including "Madea Gets A Job," "Tyler Perry's Madea's Class Reunion," "Why Did I Get Married?" and most recently her starring role in "Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Scorned."  

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Parents love their kids and want to keep them safe.  Summertime safety is an issue parents think about on a daily basis.  They often wonder, “What else can I do to make sure my family is safe?” Teaching kids about safety measures in case of an emergency can go a long way in keeping a cool head when bad things happen. Check out these practical tips to keep families safe so everyone can enjoy summertime fun:
  1. Talk about strangers.  Instead of saying “Don’t talk to strangers,” say, “Ask me or your Dad before you talk to another grown-up.  Kids look innocently at other adults and may not be able to perceive when they are in danger.  Along the same lines, instruct your kids not to accept candy or treats from people other than parents, babysitters or friend’s parents. If they are playing at the park instruct them to not wander where they cannot see you.  Don’t monogram your kids clothing, if a stranger uses their name, your child may be confused and think they know the adult.
  2. Check out neighbors.  Parents can take an extra step to insure their kids are safe to play outdoors in their neighborhood by using BeenVerified.com.  If you’re new to the neighborhood or looking to move to a new neighborhood, parents can locate sex offenders.  Being aware of potential dangers gives parents one leg up on keeping their kids safe from harm.
  3. Summer sports.  Be sure to keep your child hydrated when playing sports in the heat of the day.  To prevent injuries insist upon a warm up and cool down routine that includes proper stretching.  It is crucial for kids to wear proper protective gear when participating in group sports.  Consult the coach to make sure your child is in compliance.
  4. Bike safety.  Bike riding can give kids a sense of freedom and mobility.  To help keep them safe, be sure they always wear a helmet that fits properly.  They also need to understand proper traffic signals.  They should always travel in the same direction as traffic, avoid riding on the sidewalk and be alert for cars that are turning, exiting a driveway or opening a driver’s side door.  Even if they only ride in daylight hours, it is wise to wear bright colored clothing and reflective markings on their bike.
  5. Hiking safety.  If you’re going on a family hike, kids can get separated from parents by running ahead.  It’s important to teach them the importance of staying on the trail and following trail signs.  Be sure to instill the importance of not drinking untreated water.  They should always assume the water is contaminated and only drink bottled water.  Before hiking show kids photos of poisonous plants like poison ivy. Ticks lurk in tall grasses where kids like to play, check the kids for ticks before bedtime to insure they are tick free..  Dress them in long sleeves and pants to reduce skin exposure.  Have the kids carry a whistle in case they get lost so you can easily locate them.
  6. Water safety.  Families spend a lot of time at the pool, lake or beach.  Water safety will prevent kids from getting hurt around the water.  Teach kids to swim at a young age so if they fall into the water they won’t panic.  Teach kids to follow local water safety rules for when they are playing in or near the water.  Cover the kids in waterproof sunscreen and apply often.  Have the kids take a break every couple of hours to make sure they are property hydrated.
  7. Action Plan.  If your kids are outside with friends playing by themselves, have an action plan in case something does happen and your child or one of their friends need help (playground or bike accident, stranger danger, etc.).  Make sure your child knows your cell phone number and home address and has clear instructions as to the steps he or she should take if there’s a problem.  Connect with a group of neighborhood parents you know and trust that will help keep an eye on the kids and educate your child as to which neighbors/homes they can go to in case of emergency if they can not reach you or your home is too far away.
Don’t be afraid of going too far when it comes to keeping kids safe this summer.  Having a cautious attitude and following your intuition can be the difference between harm coming your way and your family averting a potentially dangerous situation.  It is always better to err on the side of safety when it comes to protecting your family and knowing your surroundings should be at the top of the list.

Josh Levy and Ross Cohen
Josh Levy's and Ross Cohen's BeenVerified helps parents by providing access to important public data and information about people in the neighborhood. Their goal is to provide people with public information that was formerly only available to big companies and people with deep pockets in a way that is easy, affordable, and fast. Visit the site at http://www.beenverified.com and connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.
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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Rick Santorum enters the 2016 presidential race

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The GOP field has grown by another candidate with the Wednesday  announcement that Rick Santorum is seeking the presidency.  Tweeted Santorum, "Today I announce my candidacy for President of the United States!  Join me at http://www.ricksantorum.com and let's take back America!" Santorum's platform will largely focus on family, middle class stability and  returning jobs back to America. The former Pennsylvania senator lost the Republican bid to Mitt Romney in 2008.
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Grammy® Award-Winning Producer and Premiere Bassist, Andrew Gouché, Prepares to Release 'We Don't Need No Bass' Tuesday, June 9, 2015

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Los Angeles, CA-May 28, 2015- Grammy® Award-winning producer and premiere bassist, Andrew Gouché, prepares to release We Don't Need No Bass, the anticipated debut album on Prayze Connection Entertainment, available on iTunes Tuesday, June 9, 2015.

With over 30 years experience as the bassist for many Gospel and R&B legends as Prince and the New Power Generation, Gladys Knight, Michael Jackson, Andraé Crouch, The Winans, and musical director for Chaka Khan, We Don't Need No Bass speaks to Andrew's gospel roots but also showcases a broader musical gift blending Jazz and R&B into a soulful variety of songs.  Although a self-proclaimed church musician, Gouché shows the world with this album that he is much more as it reaches out to music lovers of all ages and genres.
After working with some of everyone across all genres, Gouché decided it was time to complete his long-time effort.  "I created this project because, after years of supporting many wonderful artists on stage as well as on recordings, I realized that I have my own voice," states Gouché.  "God has given me the gift of music, and allowed me to create music that I believe will be a blessing to people all over the world."

We Don't Need No Bass covers a lot of ground and takes the listener on a musical expedition. The title track is an interlude with Gouché speaking about actual experiences playing in church, while "Eleanor Rigby & The Vamp," an arrangement of his favorite Beatles song, ensures the listener that the project has something for everyone.  From "Sundays," a warm, beautiful melody, all performed on the bass guitar, to "Jump Start," the funky, high-energy piece with a beat that makes you want to dance, the project then encourages you to reminisce with a "Secret Place," originally recorded by the gospel group "Commissioned," featuring Fred Hammond on vocals, and "Way Back When," a soulful reminder of how music was done back in the day, before the advent of technology.  You're then hit with "Geronimo," a funky, upbeat song that takes you in different directions and just when you think you've heard it all, you're pleasingly delighted with the cleverly created rendition of "No Ways Tired," a tribute to Rev. James Cleveland.  And it wouldn't be a complete Gouché project if he didn't honor his signature bass with "MTD4Lyfe" which gets the job done.  Ending the journey on a high note is "Early In The Morning," a tribute to his favorite bass player, Robert Wilson of the Gap Band. 

A world-renowned bassist, musical director, producer and composer, he is best known for his creatively original bass lines and a unique sound that bass players around the world have sought to emulate.  His distinctive sound is the core of the Andrew Gouché signature line of bass guitars.  Having graced the cover of Bass Player Magazine and industry interviews over the years, he has been tagged as a Gospel music legend.

"I've known Andrew Gouché for almost 30 years and to call him a bass legend is an understatement," states John P. Kee.  "He literally invented a style and sound that has been copied by musicians of all genres! But let it be known because of his ability to transcend and stay relevant, his genuine musicianship and authenticity will keep him in a class of his own!"
 (Via press release).

The anticipated CD featuring vocalists Fred Hammond, Jackie Gouché and more!

Pre-order on iTunes now at  https://itun.es/i6Lm7MB

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Yancy continues partnership with Standard Publishng

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(NASHVILLE, Tennessee) -- For the fifth year in a row, Christian singer-songwriter and children's worship expert Yancy has partnered with Standard Publishing to write and produce all-new original music for their popular Vacation Bible School curriculum. 2016s Deep Sea Discovery VBS program, which will also include contributions from missionary/author Beth Guckenberger of Back2Back Ministries, is packed with fun and adventure, teaching kids that God KNOWS me, HEARS me, STRENGTHENS me, LOVES me and SENDS me.

"This is the fifth year that Standard Publishing has asked me to create original music and videos for their VBS program," says Yancy. "I'm honored to continue this partnership, and I love creating resources for the local church that affect the lives of kids around the world. I am passionate about having great songs and media to reach this generation. I believe in the power of music and know that it will reinforce the lessons, and relationships that kids will experience at VBS."

Taking its theme from Genesis 28:15, Deep Sea Discovery VBS focuses on one important truth for kids: God is with me and will watch over me wherever I go! Each day, kids dive into Gods presence by delving deep into His Word to see how He has been with his people every step of the way. They will get to know God is always with them, explore Gods presence in their lives, and serve God by serving others. Hands-on service projects and sea science will help kids experience a VBS adventure like no other, and theyll leave each day ready to set sail to serve others and tell Gods story.

Deep Sea Discovery VBS products consist of a comprehensive kit and over 40 other resources. The kit is packed with everything needed to plan and lead a VBS or family ministry event. It includes the Directors Guide, Planning Disc Set, Music Disc Set, all leaders guides and cards, student books, Age-level Resources Disc Set, Decorating Resource Pack, and four poster packs.

Another important element in making our VBS program so engaging, and its messages so impactful, is the quality of our freely reproducible music, said Laura Hannah, Vice President of Marketing at Standard Publishing. This can make the songs that are sung available to every child to take home. We are thrilled to partner again with kid-favorite worship leader, Yancy.

Deep Sea Discovery VBS also offers a unique special needs sensory station, named Breakaway Bay, where kids with special sensory needs can experience an oasis of calm in the busy world of VBS, while still learning the same lessons and participating in the activities all the other kids are doing. Kids can come and go as needed to the site with their designated partners, called Diving Buddies.

Preorder Deep Sea Discovery VBS and receive FREE shipping by 6/19/15, or learn more at 2016.vacationbibleschool.com 
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Teen gospel sensation Nyasia releases video for "Have You Ever"

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(Richmond, VA) – May 27, 2015 - Three-time Stellar Award Nominee Nyasia has been impressing Gospel music lovers with her sweet vocals and inspiring songs since the start of her recording career at the age of 12.  Now in her teens, Nyasia has three projects under her belt.  Her latest CD, the 2015 Stellar Award-nominated project Shooting Star, featured two singles “Anything” and the CD’s title tune.  She just released a brand new single from the project, “Have You Ever”, penned by songwriter Arthenius Jackson.  Delivering an amazing performance during the uplifting ballad, Nyasia inspires believers to hold on to God, even in the toughest of times.  Nyasia recently released the concept music video for the track which can be viewed below. 
Produced and directed by DJ “MLIK” Moore, the video was shot in Richmond and showcases people in a variety of challenging situations.  The video and the tune hold a special place in the psalmist’s heart.  “When I first heard the song, I knew I had to record it,” says the songstress. “Shortly before I heard it, my aunt had passed away; the lyrics really spoke to me.  The song comforted me and I knew it would do the same for others.  ‘Have You Ever’ reminds people that no matter what they’re going through, God is there.  He is present in any and every circumstance in life,” she shares.
At the age of 16, Nyasia has done what few have done.  She’s secured three back-to-back Stellar Award Nominations from 2013-2015 for Children’s Project of the Year and Youth Project of the Year.  She also won a 2013 Newsome Award for Teen Artist of the Year and in 2013 and 2014, she won DMV Christian Music Awards for Children's Talent.  She’s won numerous talent competitions and opened for Gospel’s top artists including Dr. Bobby Jones, Yolanda Adams, Erica Campbell, Fred Hammond, Kierra Sheard, Donnie McClurkin, Tye Tribett, Earnest Pugh, Deitrick Haddon, Israel Houghton & New Breed, Michelle Williams, Tasha Cobbs, Anthony Brown & Group Therapy and many others.  Before rising to national prominence, Nyasia gained notoriety as a premiere vocalist in Richmond and recorded her first project, Take Off, when she was 12.  Take Off was followed by her Shooting Star EP and its subsequent CD. 
Nyasia began singing at the age of three, debuting at her home church singing “Jesus Loves Me”.  She gave her life to the Lord at the age of nine.  “Even though I was so young at the time, I had a thirst and a hunger for God,” Nyasia recounts.  “I wanted to learn more about God.  I had a Bible for teens and I remember asking my parents a lot of questions about the Lord.  That’s also when I decided that I wanted to bring people into the Kingdom and I wanted God to use my voice to do it.” 
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HE DID IT!: King Lebron James takes the Cavs to the championship

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Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James (23) dunks over Atlanta Hawks forward Mike Muscala (31) during the third quarter in game three of the Eastern Conference Finals of the NBA Playoffs at Quicken Loans Arena.  Ken Blaze, USA TODAY Sports
The Cleveland Cavaliers are headed to the NBA Championship.  With a 30 point lead mighty forward Lebron James led the Cavs to a victory over the Atlanta Hawks in game four of the Eastern conference last night, scoring 23 points.  With a  score of 118-88, the Cleveland team advances to the finals.

For some fans, this means full redemption for James who left his city to play for the Miami Heat, but came back home two years ago.  Others won't be satisfied until their team has a ring.  If the Cavs do win the title, it will  be their very first NBA Championship win. In a post game interview, James said he was especially proud of this winning for his city.
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In six hour long episodes "Preach" follows four female preachers ready to 
pass on their gift of talking to God

LOS ANGELES, CA (May 5, 2015) - Prayers are about to be answered with Lifetime's all-new docuseries Preach (#Preach), premiering Friday, June 5th, at 10pm ET/PT. Produced by CORE Media Group, the show follows four powerful female leaders who believe God has given them the ability to heal the sick, see the future and rid people of their addictions. Known as "Prophetesses," these women speak as interpreters through whom the will of God is expressed. In order for their legacy to continue, they must enlist protégés and teach them how to carry on their gift. These "Queens of the Church" each have different styles and their own special way of delivering God's message, but all are united in their love of the Lord.

The Prophetesses and protégés featured are:

Belinda Scott (Cleveland Heights, Ohio) - Belinda considers herself a Major Prophetess who has given council to politicians and celebrities across the country. She has the ability to predict child birth and specializes in blessing the wombs of barren women. Belinda's protégé, Hadassah Elder, grew up Muslim and has never seen a woman in the pulpit so adjusting to new life as a Christian protégé will have its challenges.

Taketa Williams (Columbus, Ohio) - Taketa has been called the "Beyonce of the Preaching World" and touts a global following. She trains her protégé with a strict hand and isn't afraid to drop someone if they don't come up to her standards. Her protégé, Rebecca Hairston, is a single mother with three children.

Linda Roark (Trenton, Ohio) - Linda's specialty is delivering people from the street and bringing them to God. Known as the "Blue-Eyed Soul Sister," she has been told that she "looks white but she preaches black," and is admired in African-American churches for her ability to roar and get the room standing on their feet. Linda's protégé, Angel Pound, had a rough start in life. A former drug addict who has now turned her life around, she is still haunted by a past that threatens her chances of becoming a Prophetess.

Kelly Crews (Cleveland, Ohio) - Kelly is Belinda's former protégé who is now building a ministry of her own. The only single Prophetess in the group, she has trouble finding a man who can handle her gift. Kelly's protégé, Stacey Williams, is newly married and pregnant and struggles with making her prophetic training a priority.

Preach is produced by CORE Media Group with Jennifer O'Connell, Jenny Ramirez and Rasheed J. Daniel serving as Executive Producers, along with Eli Lehrer, Mary Donahue and Mariana Flynn executive producing for Lifetime. Lifetime has ordered six one-hour episodes of the series.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2015


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William Murphy’s “THE OVERCOMER’S RECORD” to be recorded “LIVE”
at The Church at Chapel Hill

New York, NY – May 26, 2015Grammy®-nominated singer, songwriter and pastor William Murphy, will lead an unforgettable worship experience when he hosts his live album recording on Thursday May 28th in Atlanta.  The gifted songwriter and vocalist behind the Shekinah Glory praise and worship anthem “Praise Is What I Do”, and the recent hit “It’s Working” from his 2013 Grammy-nominated album GOD CHASER will bring alive his fifth album, “THE OVERCOMER’S RECORD”, with the free live recording to take place at The Church at Chapel Hill in Douglasville, GA. 
With distinctive vocals and a signature praise and worship style that have captured the attention of countless listeners, William Murphy continues to push the envelope to create a dynamic evening of inspiration with this latest recording. “THE OVERCOMER’S RECORD” live recording will kick-off Murphy’s three-day conference DEMONSTRATE, which runs May 28th – 30th in Atlanta.
The dReam Center Church of Atlanta and RCA Inspiration present William Murphy’s “THE OVERCOMER’S RECORD” live recording:
Doors open: 6:30 pm EST
The Church at Chapel Hill
5357 Chapel Hill Road
Douglasville, GA 30135
Live recording is free and open to the public
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Paul Stanley and Epic Rights to Develop Global Branding, Licensing and Retail Programs for New Paul Stanley: Royals & Rebels Brand

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HOLLYWOOD, Calif., May 26, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Paul Stanley, Co-Founder and singer/songwriter of legendary Rock and Roll Hall of Fame band, KISS, has teamed up with the music industry's leading branding and social media marketing company, Epic Rights, to develop and launch Stanley's all new lifestyle brand, Paul Stanley: Royals & Rebels, at the Licensing Expo in Las Vegas in June. The announcement was made today by Epic Rights CEO Dell Furano and Paul Stanley.

From Stanley's signature designs of musical instruments to his fine art paintings, both of which have generated millions in sales, the brand Paul Stanley: Royals & Rebels is synonymous with fashion forward, cutting-edge style and an independent spirit. Epic Rights has been charged with building the Paul Stanley: Royals & Rebels brand into a new licensing program, including men's fashion apparel and accessories, footwear, food, spirits, home decor, cookware and more. Epic Rights anticipates debuting the Paul Stanley: Royals & Rebels brand at retail in fall 2016.
"Paul is the definitive Rock Renaissance man with a sense of style in arts, fashion, design and food that is unrivaled in the music industry. His creativity, marketing savvy and personal style truly sets him apart," said Furano.

"Over the years, Dell and I have worked closely on the strategic developments and partnerships on the KISS brand, as well as more recently with Rock & Brews and my paintings," said Stanley. "I am excited to watch Dell and Epic Rights' great team of branding professionals seek out and find opportunities and outlets that will reflect a lifestyle and point of view that I am passionate about and do it imaginatively and creatively in the years to come."

Stanley, one of rock's most acknowledged and respected front men as lead singer and guitarist for KISS, is a driving force and unwavering voice for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame-inducted band. Ensconced in the media as both an unequivocally sophisticated fashion trendsetter and creative visionary, Stanley has designed KISS costumes, album covers and stages in addition to its iconic KISS logo, instantly recognizable around the world for the past 40 years!

As an author, Stanley's autobiography Face The Music, soared to #2 on the New York Times Best Seller List. His concept for Rock & Brews, an energized dining and entertainment venue continues to expand with new locations being launched around the country. Recently, both Stanley and Gene Simmons were recipients of the ASCAP Founders Award, a prestigious honor given to songwriters and composers who have made pioneering contributions to music by inspiring and influencing their fellow music creators. Each recipient is a musical innovator who possesses a unique style of creative genius, which will enrich generations to come. Additionally, Stanley was honored at the Open Hearts Foundation Gala for his direct involvement in both raising funds to pay for needed surgeries for children afflicted with various birth defects and giving support to the parents of those children.

About Epic Rights:
Epic Rights is a full service global branding, licensing and social media marketing company dedicated to building celebrity and entertainment brands via its broad global network of retailers, licensees and agents. Working with a roster of top clients and brands, Epic Rights' services includes licensing/branding, music merchandising, social media management, VIP ticketing and fan clubs. Epic Rights also oversees sponsorships and endorsements, digital archiving of all creative/photo/media assets and manages worldwide e-commerce for its clients in addition to providing in-house legal resources for trademark registration and audit management. Epic Rights is headquartered in Los Angeles, California. For more information visit: Epic Rights.
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Damien Sneed tapped as the Musical Director and Conductor for Central Park’s SummerStage Production Of ‘The Wiz: A Celebration in Dance & Music’

buzzz worthy. . . The Damien Sneed Foundation Presents the Performing Arts Institute ‘The Wiz: If You Believe Summer Program’ August 3 through August 14 in New York City

(New York, NY – May 26, 2015) – Tony Award winner, George Faison taps multi-genre recording artist Damien Sneed as the musical director and conductor for the CityParks Foundation’s Central Park’s SummerStage production of “The Wiz: A Celebration in Dance & Music” on Wednesday, August 12 at Rumsey Playfield, located on East 72nd Street, off Fifth Avenue in Central Park. The event is free, doors open at 7:00 p.m. and show time is 8:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. On Thursday, August 13, and Friday, August 14, the production will be held at Marcus Garvey Park at 120th Street and Fifth Avenue in Harlem, show time is 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. The Wiz: A Celebration in Dance & Music will be produced, directed and choreographed by George Faison and Timothy Graphenreed is the musical supervisor and dance arranger for the production.

Forty years ago, George Faison became the first African American to win a Tony Award for Best Choreography for The Wiz. In honor of the Broadway’s hit musical 40th anniversary, Faison will present performances of original songs and dances from the show. In addition, this year marks the 30th anniversary of Central Park’s SummerStage. “I am honored to work with George Faison, a Broadway legend and icon in musical theater,” says Sneed. “I’m also honored to work with Timothy Graphenreed. We are creating something very special. Like the Broadway musical, I feel this new production of The Wiz will live on and create other performance opportunities for young and developing talent in our community and beyond. I was not born when the original production opened on Broadway. As a child, my father would always tell me stories of how he saw the original musical of The Wiz with George Faison’s choreography, so this is a dream come true—full circle for me.”

Auditions for dancers for The Wiz: A Celebration in Dance & Music will be held on Tuesday, May 26 (female), and Wednesday, May 27 (male) at the Faison Firehouse Theatre, 6 Hancock Place at 124th Street (between St. Nicholas and Morningside Avenue) in Harlem. Vocalists and other cast auditions will be held on Wednesday, June 3 and Friday, June 5 by appointment only. For further information regarding the auditions, please see the Playbill.com link,  or email at thewiz40years@gmail.com.

In conjunction with the production, The Damien Sneed Foundation will present his inaugural Performing Arts Institute, “The Wiz: If You Believe Summer Program” starting Monday, August 3 through Friday, August 14, at the Faison Firehouse Theatre. Faison founded the theatre in 2000, along with Tad Schnugg. The 130 seat theater, branded “Hollywood of Harlem” by the media is a full service performing arts and cultural center with fine arts galleries, rehearsal facilities and a cabaret theater. The Performing Arts Institute summer program will culminate with students performing in Central Park for SummerStage’s 30th anniversary season with a performance of The Wiz: A Celebration of Dance & Music. The camp will be opened to high school students and undergraduate college students who are instrumentalists, vocalists, dancers and aspiring entertainment industry executives.
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Monday, May 25, 2015

Remembring the Civil War

buzzz worthy. . . A Union solider stands watch at the Manassas, VA Battle of Bull Run, the first major battle of the American Civil War. The war started in 1961 months earlier with the Battle of Fort Sumter in South Carolina. Over 18,000 inexperienced soldiers on both sides arrived to the scene by rail. Confederate soldiers had the advantage until a brigadier general from the Virginia Military Institute, Thomas J. Jackson was assigned to teach Union troops how to fight. Although many lives were lost the brigade was indominable and Jackson received his famous nickname, "Stonewall Jackson".
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