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Saturday, October 3, 2015

NO DOUBT ABOUT IT: The Queen of Soul holds court with the Pope

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A week after Pope Francis visited the U.S. the Vatican was forced to clarify an alleged controversial meeting the Catholic father had with anti-gay marriage, renegade Kentucky clerk, Kim Davis.  There is no question or controversy around the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin holding court with the pontiff. Not only did Franklin perform in his presence at the Festival of Families in Philadelphia, but also she spoke briefly one-on-one with him and presented a very special gift to him.  Franklin released a statement today detailing her personal encounter with His Holiness:

 Detroit -- “It was a true and so special honor to meet Pope Francis,” said Aretha Franklin. “We shook hands and I gave him a gift of 25 volumes of sermons by my father, Theologian Rev. C.L. Franklin. He asked me to pray for him as he did others during his time in America. I curtsied and His Holiness left the room for the Festival of Families event. His interpreter and secret service were there. Significant time had passed before I was introduced to sing. I had no idea he was sitting right behind me so that I could acknowledge him.  Again, it was a true honor.”
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SISTERLY REVENGE: Serena Williams beat Vinci in Wuhan Open

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On Friday,Venus Williams defeated the woman who triumphed over her sister Serena in the U.S.Open last month in a three-set match. Roberta Vinci of Italy became the talk of the sporting industry after defeating the younger Williams sister, Serena only to be taken down by her big sis (who is older only by one year). You could call the victory a belated birthday gift. Serena turned 34 last week on September 26. Serena issued a statement saying she has played through injuries all season and is withdrawing from the WTA Finals and the China Open to "properly address my health and take time to heal."
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Friday, October 2, 2015

'Jump Around' with New Single and Music Video from Fearles BND

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Groundbreaking modern worship group FEARLESS BND, formerly known as Worth Dying For, releases the second of twelve monthly singles today. Their new song, Jump Around, is available at iTunes, and the high-energy music video premieres today at ChristianConcertAlerts.com.

Jump Around is a bass-rich dance celebration of life in Christ, says FEARLESS BNDs Christy Johnson, while ChristianConcertAlerts says that the song will send listeners dancing around wherever they may be.

In September, FEARLESS BND kicked off an ambitious release schedule, with plans to release a new single on the first Friday of every month for twelve consecutive months, along with music videos, lyric videos, tutorials, chord charts and much more. The band, which is the sound of worship at Fearless LA, will provide everything they use at their church with the hope of making it easier for pastors and worship leaders to incorporate the music and resources for their own church use.

For more information on FEARLESS BND, visit http://fearlessbnd.com.

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ChuChu TV Builds on Tremendous Success With Launch of Second YouTube Channel, ChuChu TV Surprise

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CHENNAI, India  -- The creators of ChuChu TV are pleased to announce the launch of a new channel for uplifting, educational and memorable songs for toddlers. ChuChu TV Surprise features a cast of colorful, animated eggs, along with some familiar faces from the YouTube channel that started it all – ChuChu TV. In its first week, ChuChu TV Surprise tallied over 10,000 subscribers and two million video views with just two videos.
"Our team is very happy with the success of ChuChu TV," remarked Creative Director Vinoth Chandar. "We felt the time was right to diversify and launch our second kids' education channel on YouTube. We wanted to do something unique, so we have started this channel with a series called 'Surprise Eggs Nursery Rhymes.' Both surprise eggs content and nursery rhymes content on their own have a huge following of preschoolers on YouTube. We simply merged these ideas, and the results are showing."

"We can proudly say we are the first ever YouTube channel to mix the concepts of surprise eggs and nursery rhymes. Furthermore, we now have a separate art team for this channel, and we already have hundreds of new concepts waiting to be executed."

ChuChu TV Surprise's animated egg characters will encourage children to learn, sing, dance and most of all, have fun. Mr. Harlo, the Finger Family Unicorn Elephant from the original channel, serves as the unofficial mascot for ChuChu TV Surprise. Likewise, subscribers to the original ChuChu TV can expect to see many of their favorite characters making guest appearances on the new channel. Mr. Harlo's role on the channel is to take young viewers on imaginative journeys and teach age-appropriate content like colors, shapes and animals.
The ChuChu TV enterprise started as the humble side project of an India-based web development firm, but it has quickly grown into an important segment of the business. The team of animators and developers are happy to be bringing joy and fun into the lives of young people around the world, while also delivering content with educational value.
YouTube's metrics indicate that ChuChu TV Surprise is on pace to replicate the success of its predecessor. Launched in 2013, ChuChu TV is closing in on 3 billion views and 3 million subscribers, placing it firmly among the most popular channels for its target audience of young children and their parents. Both ChuChu TV and ChuChu TV Surprise are home to well-known nursery rhymes and original kids' songs.
The creators of ChuChu TV Surprise are in the process of developing mobile apps to complement the channel's engaging, animated content. More YouTube channels are also expected to debut before the end of the year. As part of an international merchandising plan, the team is in discussions with licensing companies in the U.S. Select ChuChu TV merchandise is already available from spreadshirt.com.

About ChuChu TV
The ChuChu TV YouTube Channel is the property of ChuChuTV Studios, a media & technology firm based in Chennai, India. The company's mission is to connect with children throughout the world with colorful, upbeat songs, each one featuring a memorable cast of ChuChu TV characters.
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  LOS ANGELES, CA  - Lifetime's all-new docuseries The Jacksons: Next Generation (#JacksonsNextGen) focuses on the third generation of the famed Jackson family -- Taj, Taryll and TJ -- Tito Jackson's sons and nephews of the famed Jackson 5. Premiering Friday, October 2, at 10PM ET/PT, the series features the brothers as they work to balance a career and their lives as traditional family men while living up to the pressures and demands that comes with their last name. The siblings, known as the music group 3T, have toured and sold more than three million records worldwide just off their debut album.  Still impacted by the loss of their mother, Dee Dee, the brothers are raising their children and managing the day-to-day tasks within their families, just like everyone else. Their quest for normalcy, however, often collides head-on with the good and bad of living with one of history's most renowned last names.

The series reveals what it's like for them living with the last name Jackson including how they deal with constant rumors, stalkers, and frauds who all want a piece of anything and anyone related to the family's legacy.  3T consists of:  TJ (34) - With four children of his own, including a newborn son, TJ is also the legal co-guardian of his Uncle Michael's kids, Prince, Paris and Blanket. It is a role he cherishes, but a role that is coming to define his life.

Whether it's negotiating contracts, working on music, or changing diapers, this family man's plate is always full.  Taryll (39) -- Constantly struggling to find a balance between his intense passion for music and taking the needed time to enjoy life around him, Taryll is a father to two boys and has a very complicated relationship with their mother. Approaching "The Big 4-0," Taryll is on a mission to get control of his life.  Taj (41) -- The eldest brother's background is rooted in music. Taj fell in love with filmmaking while studying with his Uncle Michael. As he pursues both his career with 3T and movie directing, Taj is always standing up for his family's legacy against the barrage of fake tabloid stories and insane comments made on social media.  Produced by Go Go Luckey Entertainment, the series is executive produced by Henry Capanna, Julie Auerbach, Tina Gazzerro, Dennis Principe, Taj Jackson, Taryll Jackson, TJ Jackson, Megan McGuiness and Henri Hebert. Lifetime's Eli Lehrer, Mary Donahue and Kimberly Chessler also executive produce. There are  six episodes in the series.

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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Tiffany Bynoe releases new single, 'Seasons'

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Song Makes Strong Showing at Radio

“Seasons” hits iTunes October 2, 2015

Flowood, MS - Chart-topping pop artist Tiffany Bynoe  ushers in fall with the release of her latest single, “Seasons”  on SRT Entertainment. Produced and written by Kyle Bynoe, who has over 25 years of experience as producer, songwriter and recording artist, and has worked with the likes of Mary J. Blige and Clive Davis, among others, the song’s production is as strong as the message.

“We all go through seasons in life,” says Tiffany. “I hope this song will bring hope and encouragement to people regardless of the season  they are in.”

The song has been impacting radio for just over two weeks, and has already received several adds and garnered critical praise. “Seasons” hits iTunes October 2 and is a pre-cursor to Tiffany’s upcoming EP, expected to release early 2016, with a tour soon to follow.

While readying the new project, Tiffany continues to work on behalf of her foundation, Gabby’s Heart, which brings awareness and raises funds to support research for pediatric cardio health. Tiffany founded the organization to honor her daughter, Gabby, who, though healthy today, was born with dextracardia, a severe heart defect.

“If you saw her today, you’d never know there was ever a problem,” says Tiffany. “It just goes to show how God truly walks you through different seasons of your life. Even when things don’t make any sense at all, He stays with you through the winter, into spring with new mercies everyday. He is the redeemer of time.”

For more information, visit www.tiffanybynoe.com.
About Tiffany Bynoe
Tiffany Bynoe is a chart-topping recording artist whose resume is as diverse as her audience. Committed to rising above genre she has enjoyed significant success in both the Gospel and main-stream music industries. At the age of sixteen, she was a three-time winner at the Apollo theater and had signed a record deal with Pendulum Records, with whom she released a single that soared to the No. 1 spot on Billboard. Today, following a hiatus from the industry, she is readying her latest studio project, He Only Sees Red. A bold sweeping move towards the Contemporary Christian market, the vocalist, speaker, author and minister is poised once again to dominate charts of multiple genres and styles. The project’s first single, “Seasons,” has already received widespread support upon its release to radio, heightening anticipation of the full project, which will release in early 2016.
In addition to music, Tiffany is the founder of a non-profit organization called Gabby’s heart, in honor of her own daughter, who was born with a potentially fatal heart condition.
2016 will see the launch of the He Only Sees Red tour, which will be officially announced towards the end of 2015. For more news, music and touring information, visit www.tiffanybynoe.com.
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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

New Gospel Artist, Lady Renee’, Shares Her Testimony Through Song In Debut Record, “Healer”

Background Vocalist On Isaac Carree’s “Clean This House” And Extra In Movie, Selma, Readies New CD
Artist To Appear on Babbie’s House on Tuesday, October 13, 2015 at 4PM ET
(Atlanta, GA) – September 30, 2015 – There’s nothing like a singer who is passionate about the song they are singing.  Lady Renee’ delivers her debut single, “Healer”, with a fervor like none other.  It’s because she has her own testimony of God’s miraculous healing.  After experiencing a diagnosis that many women dread (which preceded six miscarriages), she resigned herself to the fact that she might never bear children.  At the point of full surrender to the will of God for her life, He healed her body and she is now the mother of a beautiful daughter.  She praises God for His healing power in her brand new single, “Healer”.
Her dramatic testimony was the impetus for recording the track, “Healer”.  “If there was any song that I wanted to minister, it was that one,” she recalls.  “With the miracle that God gave me, I knew this was the song I had to sing.  I want others to know that God is still a miracle worker,” she says.
Penned by Christian Rock artist and songwriter, Michael Guglielmucci, the song showcases the impressive vocal talents of the amazing songstress.  The message is one that she wants to share with anyone in earshot.  She says, “There are so many areas where we all need healing – emotionally, physically, and socially.  Everyone needs some type of healing and God is waiting to heal us in every area where only His special touch will do.”
The songstress and worship leader has been singing most of her life.  She made her church debut at the age of 3 singing “Oh Lord, How Excellent”.  Hailing from a family of singers and musicians, she is a graduate of the Rochester School of the Arts.  Her exceptional voice opened the door for her to sing background vocals on Isaac Carree’s mega-hit, “Clean This House”.  A gifted actress as well, she was honored to appear in the famed film Selma, and was in a scene with the mega-media icon, billionaire and actress Oprah Winfrey.  Lady Renee’ can be seen in promotional photos of the film alongside Winfrey.
Lady Renee’ is the First Lady alongside her husband, Sr. Pastor Dr. Charles Jerone Francis of Word Church International in Atlanta, GA.  With a mission to inspire other women in their faith, she is the founder of the women’s ministry, WOVEN, Women of Virtue, Excellence and Nobility.  An entrepreneur as well, she launched Lady Beautiful, a multifaceted business created to empower women to change the world by “radiating beauty from the inside out”.
As she puts the finishing touches on her upcoming CD and book, both scheduled to release in early 2016, Lady Renee’ will be appearing on WATC-TV’s Babbie House, where she’ll be interviewed by CCM artist and songwriter Babbie Mason.  The program will air on Tuesday, October 13, 2015 at 4PM ET.  The show will broadcast locally in the Atlanta area and online on www.watc.tv.  For more information on Lady Renee’, log on to www.ladyrenee.org.  Connect with Lady Renee’ on Facebook and Twitter.
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Tamela Mann and Melinda Williams among Cafe Mocha Circle of Sisters honorees

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WBLS 107.5 and Circle of Sisters Join the Café Mocha Show
To Celebrate Extraordinary Female Innovators with the 
Salute Her: Superwomen Making A Difference Awards presented by Hyundai


2015 honorees include actress Malinda Williams; CNN anchor, Michaela Pereira;   President of Comcast Foundation, Charisse Lillie; Award-winning gospel icon/Actress, Tamela Mann; Founder/CEO of Odyssey Media, Linda Spradley Dunnand legendary Broadway Publicist Irene Gandy
Tamela Mann
Actress & Singer
Salute Her: Game Changer
Circle of Sisters, the largest expo in NYC uniting, motivating and celebrating women of color has joined  the Cafe MochaTM radio show  that airs Saturday mornings, 6-8am on WBLS 107.5 to bring it's Salute Her Tour presented by Hyundai to New York. On October 15, the SALUTE HER: Superwomen Making a Difference Awards will recognize women who share a common commitment to make a positive contribution to strengthen their respective communities.
Now in its fourth year, Salute Her: Superwomen Making A Difference Awards will take place on
Thursday, October 15, 2015 from 5:30 - 9pm - Salute Her: Reception & Awards Dinner
at  Harlem's legendary Alhambra Ballroom located 2116 Adam Clayton Powell Jr Blvd.
New York, NY 10027.  The event will be hosted by Loni Love, actress and host of the hit daytime FOX 5 talk show, THE REAL, and Café Mocha co-host, veteran broadcaster Angelique Perrin.  The evening will include 

Gentle TreatmentTM VIP  Pre-Reception and feature a special surprise tribute to the honorees. Individual tickets can be purchased for $55.00 at  www.SaluteHerNY.Eventbrite.com.
Proceeds from the event will support the New Jersey-based non-profit, Distributing Dignity  to help raise funds to provide feminine supplies to homeless women in shelters across the Tri-State area. Café Mocha's mission to inspire others and create a network environment reflects the 'spirit' of the Circle of Sisters Expo to bring together women to empower one another with a full range of panels and breakout sessions on October 17 and 18 the Jacob Javits Center www.CircleofSisters.com.

Malinda Williams
Salute Her: Gentle Treatment Woman of Style
Along with presenting sponsor, Hyundai Motor America, Cafe Mocha is on a mission to salute and reward ordinary women with their Salute Her presented by Hyundai New Thinking New Possibilities campaign. With additional ceremonies nationwide, their goal is to recognize women from all walks of life. 

Michaela Pereira
CNN's "New Day" Anchor
Salute Her: Champion for Children

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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The OverFlow to stream Dove Awards and run Fan Fav Artist Award

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TheOverflow Announced as Official Music Streaming Service for 46th Annual GMA Dove Awards
NASHVILLE, Tenn.  — TheOverflow, the first and only unlimited, on-demand Christian and Gospel music streaming service, recently announced TheOverflow Fans Favorite Artist Award, a special accolade that will be presented at the 46th Annual GMA Dove Awards to the artist with the most “favorites” within TheOverflow app. In addition, TheOverflow will serve as the official music streaming service for this year’s Dove Awards.
For the first time, fans can cast their vote for TheOverflow Fans Favorite Artist Award through “favoriting” the artist(s) of their choice by clicking the blue star icon anywhere next to the artist’s name within TheOverflow app. Voting is open now through Oct. 12. For those who are not already members of the streaming service, a free seven-day trial is available at www.TheOverflow.com, where users can download the app to vote for their preferred artist. The winner of the inaugural TheOverflow Fans Favorite Artist Award will be announced during the Dove Awards pre-show on Oct. 13. Fans can watch the entire pre-telecast live at www.DoveAwards.com.
“As a fan of Christian music and a fan of the Dove Awards, I’m honored to be investing in rewarding excellence in Christian music as the official music streaming service for this year's Dove Awards,” says TheOverflow CEO Stephen Relph. “I’m also over the moon excited that for the first time ever, TheOverflow’s user base will have their votes decide who wins TheOverflow Fans Favorite Artist Award. Fan participation has proven to be a compelling way to engage music fans, and we’re proud to be the first to bring this innovation to the prestigious Dove Awards.”
As the premier music streaming service for this year’s Dove Awards, exclusive Dove nominee playlists are now available on TheOverflow app spanning genres, including Worship, Hip-Hop, Rock, Pop, Inspirational, Southern Gospel and more.
The GMA Dove Awards are an annual celebration of the impact of Gospel/Christian music around the world. The Gospel Music Association’s nearly 2,500 members vote on Dove Award winners across 41 categories. Hosted by Erica Campbell (Mary Mary) and Sadie Robertson (“Duck Dynasty”), the 46th Annual GMA Dove Awards will be held at Nashville’s Allen Arena on the campus of Lipscomb University on Oct. 13., with the pre-show starting at 2 p.m. CST. Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) will broadcast the awards show Sunday, Oct. 18 at 9 p.m. CST. For more information on the Dove Awards, visit www.DoveAwards.com.
For more information on TheOverflow Fans Favorite Artist Award, visit www.TheOverflow.com.
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Erica-Marie Sanchez Cast as Series Regular in CBS' Saturday Morning Scripted Drama, The Inspectors


LOS ANGELES, Sept. 29, 2015 -- Atlanta native, Erica-Marie Sanchez, has been cast as a series regular Veronica Ruiz on CBS' new Saturday morning scripted drama series, The Inspectors. Erica-Marie joins other series regulars: Terri Serpico, Jessica Lundy, Bret Green, and Harrison Knight. The series premieres this Saturday, October 3rd on CBS. Erica-Marie has a busy October month coming up with the series premiere of The Inspectors, the release of Goosebumps, and a new original song coming out - Sticks and Stones.
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Jonathan McReynolds at Chicago album release on September 18, 2015.
McReynolds also makes Top 10 hit debut on multiple charts
Jonathan McReynolds and India Arie perform at his Chicago
Album release on September 18, 2015.
NASHVILLE, TN  – This week, acclaimed Dove and Stellar Award-nominated recording artist Jonathan McReynolds celebrates a hit debut across multiple Billboard charts, with his newly-released sophomore album Life Music: Stage Two.  The highly-anticipated new project has received accolades among critics, peers, and fans with praise for his captivating performances and rich songwriting that continue to inspire the masses – garnering a #1 debut on Billboard’s Top Gospel Albums chart, and Top 10 debuts on Billboard’s Top Christian & Gospel Albums chart at #2, and across genres on Billboard’s Top Independent Albums chart at #9.  His album also makes impactful debuts across genres on Billboard’s Top Current Albums chart at #27, and the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart at #44.    
Released on September 18th, McReynolds’ hit debut on Billboard’s charts also follows on the album’s digital success, where Life Music: Stage Two made an impact digitally with the album hitting #1 on iTunes Christian/Gospel Albums chart, and made a #1 debut on Amazon’s Hot New Releases in Christian Music chart.  The 13-track new album includes the hit tracks “Gotta Have You,” “Pressure,” “Maintain” (feat. Chantae Cann) and more, as well as the latest single “Whole” (feat. India.Arie).  A sonically-diverse collection of songs, Life Music: Stage Two showcases McReynolds’ ever-evolving artistry with the transparent lyrics and powerful delivery that have been a refreshing mainstay in his performances.
Catch Jonathan McReynolds live on stage throughout this year, including upcoming performances on the Poets in Autumn Tour in Oklahoma and Texas, as well as appearing at the 46th Annual GMA Dove Awards (airing October 18th), and additional touring in Illinois, Virginia, Canada, and Norway.  
Order Jonathan McReynolds’ new album Life Music: Stage Two, online or pick up today at major retailers, including a Walmart exclusive CD featuring 2 bonus tracks:
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SNEAK PEEK: Kim Fields joins 'Real Housewives of Atlanta'

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On season 8 of "Real Housewives of Atlanta" there's a new platinum blond in town.  Newcomer Kim Fields ("Living Single," "Facts of Life") replaces original cast member Nene Leakes.

NEW YORK- September 28, 2015 -Bravo Media brings you an action-packed night full of drama and fun as your favorite Georgia peaches are back for another epic season when "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" premieres on Sunday, November 8 at 8pm ET/PT. Returning cast members include Cynthia Bailey, Kandi Burruss, Kenya Moore, Phaedra Parks and Porsha Williams, who are joined by new housewife and pop culture icon Kim Fields. Appearing in recurring roles are Shereè Whitfield and newcomer Shamea Morton. Autumn heats up as season eight of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" premieres Sunday, November 8 at 8pm ET/PT.

SHOW SYNOPSIS: After months of overcoming numerous hurdles to conceive, Kandi and Todd are ecstatic to welcome their first child together. However, Kandi is faced with juggling the highs and lows of pregnancy coupled with a busy life as a hard-working career woman. Ready for her fresh start, Kenya has decided to build the ultimate dream home, "Moore Manor," all while continuing her quest for love. Meanwhile, Cynthia is on-the-go more than ever, but unsettling rumors surrounding her marriage threaten to cause a strain on her relationship with Peter. With Apollo still incarcerated, Phaedra adjusts to life as a single mother while maintaining her successful career, including potentially purchasing her first funeral home. Embracing a new chapter, Porsha is currently dating a new beau as her business ventures continue to thrive. Actress and director Kim Fields joins the ladies this season and although she is new to the mix, she is no stranger to the spotlight. Fan favorite Shereè Whitfield is back on the scene, while newcomer Shamea Morton joins these feisty Southern ladies for another unforgettable season.

This season on the "Real Houswives of Atlanta"

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Monday, September 28, 2015

Celebrated singer and writer Tiff Joy makes waves with solo debut

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“Amazing” Singer/Songwriter
Releases Self-Titled Debut Album
And Soars To Top 30 With Hit Song “The Promise”

Over a year after making a splash on to the national stage as the songwriter and soloist on Ricky Dillard & New G’s #1 gospel radio smash “Amazing,” TIFF JOY is now making waves as a star attraction with her own radio single “The Promise” that swam into Billboard Magazine’s Top 30 Gospel Airplay chart this week with a #26* debut. The soul-stirring track hails from the Chicago native’s self-titled inaugural album “TIFF JOY” (Walkway Music Group/Tyscot Records) that was released last week and is selling briskly on iTunes’ Christian & Gospel Top Albums digital sales chart.

The soul-lifting twelve-song project displays the full range of TIFF JOY’s velvety alto spanning the funkified worship of “You Are” and the silky soul balladry of “All That You Do” to the tender, breathtaking vocal performance on the melody “I’m All Yours” and the inspiring rock opera-styled tune “Healer.” The collection also features a very different but equally moving rendition of her breakthrough hit “Amazing.” She transforms the former high-octane rhythm for a mid-tempo vibe that features a more nuanced and sophisticated vocal approach than the raspy, no-holds barred performance she delivers on the Ricky Dillard & New G incarnation of the song.

TIFF JOY (Tiffany Joy McGhee) is one of four children born to Bishop Timothy B. McGhee and Pastor Bernadine Bell-McGhee of the Free Spirit Ministerial Worship Center in South Holland, IL. She grew up singing in church and after graduating from DeVry University in 2010, she launched a songwriting career. Over the years, she’s collaborated with gospel heavyweights such as Anita Wilson, VaShawn Mitchell and Fred Hammond. She wrote and led the song “Amazing” that anchors Ricky Dillard & New G’s 2014 Grammy Award nominated comeback album of the same name. The rousing track spent an astounding 30 weeks at #1 on Billboard Magazine’s Gospel Airplay chart. It won TIFF JOY a Dove Award nomination and earned her a Stellar Award for Song of the Year in 2015. The buzz around TIFF JOY inspired Vashawn Mitchell to sign TIFF JOY to his Walkway Music Group recording label and now the sky’s the only limit for this fresh new talent. “He believed in it and I’m forever grateful for him investing in me,” TIFF JOY told Hallels.com in a published interview this past week.
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FINAL TOUR: Christian music vet Sandi Patty announces the 'Forever Grateful Tour,' her last

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Patty’s final tour will commence on February 11, 2016 and will reach 90+ cities across the globe, including 20 signature holiday tour dates, special events, surprise guests and major symphony shows 

New York, NY (Sept. 28, 2015) – Together with World Vision, the most awarded female vocalist in contemporary Christian music presents the tour of a lifetime, in celebration of hers.  Announced today on NBC’s Today Show by host Kathie Lee Gifford who had her friend Sandi in studio with her for her “Favorite Things” segment, Sandi is letting the world know that she is saying “farewell & thank you” through her upcoming “Forever Grateful” World Tour.  The tour will begin in February, 2016 and run throughout the year.  Tickets will go on sale this coming November, 2015.  For more information visit: www.sandipatty.com
Sandi is one of the most highly acclaimed performers of our time with five Grammy® awards, four Billboard Music Awards, three platinum records, five gold records, over forty Dove awards, and twelve million units sold. Additionally, Sandi will appear at Carnegie Hall this Thanksgiving 2015 for the 5th Annual Christmas in New York concert event.
Sandi was introduced to the world with her rendition of The Star Spangled Banner during the rededication of the Statue of Liberty in 1986. Virtually overnight she became one of the country’s best-loved performers. Her version of the national anthem has been performed with the National Symphony, at the Indianapolis 500, the Dedication of Camp David Chapel and ABC’s Fourth of July Special.  Her debut full length symphonic pops album Broadway Stories, conducted by Maestro Jack Everly, was released to rave reviews. Sandi has performed with symphonies across the country, including the New York Pops, Boston Pops, & the Dallas Symphony. She headlined the title role in sold out performances of the musical “Hello, Dolly!” with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, co- starring Tony Award winner Gary Beach.  Sandi has also performed during three separate Presidential Inaugurations as well as at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. 
In her “Forever Grateful” World Tour, Sandi will bring her two passions together: singing and humanitarianism through World Vision. The tour will feature very special guests Veritas and performances from members of Sandi’s family. In addition to her final tour, Sandi will celebrate the holidays in cities across the US with her Christmas Tour.
“What a privilege it has been to share my story and faith through song for so many years,” Sandi says. “My heart is full of gratitude for so many who have been along this journey with me.  I could never have imagined my career taking me to so many amazing places and meeting so many people who have changed my life forever…. My desire is to use this next season and the “Forever Grateful” tour as an opportunity to say ‘thank you’ to as many people as possible!”
For the past 30 years, Sandi has inspired others with her humanitarian work. Through World Vision, she has helped provide inspiration and hope to people who need it most. In addition, she has been a passionate advocate for Water4, raising awareness for organization’s revolutionary water wells which provide clean water to the most needed areas of the world.
Along with the “Forever Grateful” Tour, Sandi will release a brand new album titled Forever Grateful in early 2016. The album will feature brand new songs, many of which were co-written by Sandi herself.  The album will also feature songs co-written by Grammy® Award Winning Artist Michael W. Smith, Dove Award Winner Nichole Nordeman, and many others.
Highlights for Sandi’s Farewell Tour also include The Sandi Patty & Friends Cruise, which will sail through the Eastern Caribbean in February 2016. The cruise will include performances and speaking from Anita Renfroe, Sheila Walsh, Selah, Angie Smith, Travis Cottrell, Wayne Watson, and Marty Grubbs.
The “Forever Grateful” Tour will commence in February 2016 and run through Fall 2016 and Spring 2017, in addition to the 2016 Christmas Blessings Tour, and will hit dozens of additional cities and dates across the country and the world.  Keep up with the tour and itinerary at: www.sandipatty.com.
*All dates and venues subject to change
2/11/2016: Lufkin, TX - The Pines Theatre
2/12/2016: San Antonio, TX - Trinity Baptist Church
2/13/2016: Houston, TX - Sagemont Baptist Church
2/14/2016: Shreveport, LA - Summer Grove Baptist Church
3/3/2016:  Amarillo, TX: The Church at Quail Creek
3/4/2016:  Wichita Falls, TX - Faith Baptist Church
3/5/2016:  Texarkana, AR - Perot Theatre
3/6/2016:  Lake Charles, LA - TBD
3/7/2016:  Poplarville, MS - Pearl River Community College
3/10/2016: Denver, CO - TBD
3/11/2016: Omaha, NE - TBD
3/12/2016: Wichita, KS – Central Community Church
4/7/2016:   Raytown, MO - First Baptist Church
4/10/2016: Dallas, TX - First Baptist Church Dallas
4/14/2016: Indian Trail (Charlotte), NC - First Baptist Indian Trail
4/16/2016: Durham, NC
4/17/2016: Aiken, SC - Millbrook Baptist Church
4/21/2016: Memphis, TN - Bellevue Baptist Church
4/22/2016: Chattanooga, TN - Abba's House
4/23/2016: Atlanta, GA - TBD
4/30/2016: Austin, TX - Life Church
5/1/2016:   Oklahoma City, OK - Crossings Community Church
5/28/2016: Alto, NM - Spencer Theatre
5/29/2016: Albuquerque, NM - Hoffmantown Baptist Church
6/9/2016:   Shipshewana, IN - Shipshewana Event Center
6/18/2016: Hattiesburg, MS - Mainstreet Baptist Church
Tickets for the 2016 “Forever Grateful” Spring Tour will go on sale nationally in November, 2015.
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Detrick Haddon's "Masterpiece" due this November

buzzz worthy. . .

Featuring lead single “Restore Me Again,” album pre-order includes bonus track
NASHVILLE, TN (September 28, 2015) – Award-winning gospel superstar, songwriter and producer Deitrick Haddon takes his cutting edge style of music to new heights with his upcoming album Masterpiece, to be released on Friday November 6, 2015.  Unveiling the album cover today, Haddon also launches the new album with a special pre-order available on iTunes now, where fans can get an exclusive bonus track that is available only by album pre-order. 
Featuring the lead single “Restore Me Again,” the prolific 3-time GRAMMY®-nominated, multiple Stellar and Dove Award-winning musician continues to bring a progressive sound to his music, with the single ascending through the Top 20 at Gospel radio – creating a contemplative and stirring mood backed by a guitar and percussion-driven hook.  The highly-anticipated 16-track album showcases the always unexpected, hit-making force of Haddon’s wide-ranging talents with outstanding vocals and a unique style that have garnered him accolades as a gospel leader and music innovator.  Filled with powerful songs such as “On The Way,” “Be Like Jesus,” “Perfect Storm,” “Under Control,” and “Masterpiece,” Haddon’s album includes rhythmic, riveting beats, fused with sounds of R&B, hip-hop and soul along with tinges of reggae, all perfectly woven together with restorative lyrics that inspire fans to believe and trust God’s plan in their lives.  No matter what, through great times or times of hardships and doubts, everyone is a unique masterpiece through His design.  
Says Haddon: “Our lives are a work of art. God has a way of making the good, the bad and the ugly all make sense. Every season we've lived through are small pieces of a carefully orchestrated puzzle designed by God himself! I believe when it's all said and done we will understand the journey better, see the big picture and declare it is a beautiful masterpiece!”
Recorded in Los Angeles, the gospel superstar and television personality will soon also hit the road for the release of Masterpiece, including upcoming appearances in Dallas (September 30th), Philadelphia (October 15), Washington DC (October 16), the 46th Annual GMA Dove Awards (airing October 18), and more.  Deitrick Haddon is managed by Relevé Entertainment, LLC.
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Don't Call It A Comeback: John P. Kee goes to 'Level Next' with first Motown Gospel release

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As an innovator of gospel music, John P. Kee has always kept traces of the traditional sound as his music evolved.  This characteristic in his music has cross generational appeal. Fans of all ages can look forward to quintessential Kee on  "Level Next," his first release on Motown Gospel.

The familiar North Carolina  foot stomping drive in  such classics as "Show Up" and "Jesus Is Real" that returned "Oh How Wondrous,"  is available on Pastor Kee's latest.  Vocals and live, no synthetic music are strong on the album as fans have come to expect.  The brass section blows skillfully on "Norma Jean," a song about a former drug addict's deliverance.
Gospel icon, John P. Kee, released his new album, The solid and bold album signals a return from one of Gospel music's favorite artists.

LEVEL NEXT hits all the right notes for both long-time fans and newcomers and finds Pastor Kee going back to a formula that has worked so successfully. It is diverse while at the same time definitive in style. There is no mistaking that this is a, John P. Kee tried and true album.

Kee runs the spectrum of styles on LEVEL NEXT. From the beautiful and worshipful "Amazing Your Grace," the memorable praise and worship tune "Great God You Are," to "Oooooaaay" a fun addition that is a bit go-go and praise dance all at the same time.

Kee says his ability to stay relevant "has more to do with the message as opposed to the music." "My passion is genuine," said Kee. "What we've successfully done is meet the need of the gospel listener, the worshiper, the music lovers ... LEVEL NEXT speaks to that." His signature is clearly evident on his current radio single and title track "Level Next." Perfectly modulated, the lyrical and singable tune is wholly suited for Sunday morning.

"I don't know if it was something about that season, but it seemed like everything was going crazy. I was on vacation and I just tarted singing the hook to myself ... 'let's go higher,' said John. "I was making sure that I became the David in the scriptures that encouraged himself."

Kee hasn't missed a step in the creative process. Instead of a comeback, it is much more a continuation of a life-long music ministry that has served as gospel music's foundation. Kee is regarded as one of contemporary Gospel's architects and always the innovator takes us higher. Kee has plans for a fall and winter tour along with several more creative projects in the works including a concert video and more new music.
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Sunday, September 27, 2015

SNEEK PEEK: "Qauntico" premieres Sunday night on ABC

buzzz worthy. . . The beautiful Indian actress and singer, Pryanka Chopra will make her debut in ABC's "Qauntico" this Sunday. Check out the FBI based program in the clip.
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