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Kim Jong Un is prepared for war with the U.S. The North Korean leader says he will continue missle testing despite requests to stop.
Multi-Grammy winner Keith Urban washonored at Grammys on the Hill inin Washington, DC for his commitment to music education in schools.
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We just met Beyonce the activist

buzzz worthy. . .

Don't make a Louisiana girl angry. Beyonce (a LA girl by way of maternal lineage) is evidently pissed with racism, discrimination and injustice becoming a part of our culture as a nation ---- and oh, yes, she's fed up with a few haters too. This we know from the unannounced "Formation" video she released Saturday. Many people are talking about how good she looks and how she went after haters. Don't miss the deeper message. Beyonce's entire "Formation" video and field routine is a metaphor for "soldiers" to get in formation to fight against the injustices we continue to see hurled at African Americans. Set in New Orleans, images of unfinished Hurricane Katrina business, a little boy in a hoodie that beckons Trayvon Martin and a wall spray painted with the words "stop shooting us" indicate the artist is confronting racism among other things. Bey is on the verge of starting a different type of movement using lyrical and artistic expression as a form of protest. Critics have claimed she could use her influence to do more. She has responded with a loud =socially conscious message. This video sees Beyonce coming out a politically aware activist for social justice. Take a look. . .