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SNEAK PEEK: View the Obama's future DC residence


The Obama family will remain in DC after leaving the Oval Office and take residence among the crème de la creme. They have reportedly found their future home in the area of the city, not far from Embassy Row and Rock Creek Park. The first family decided to stay in the area so Sasha can finish high school, while Malia will be taking a gap year before attending college.

Politico reports the property is located approximately two miles from the White House in the Kaloroma neighborhood and Hillary Clinton's residence is nearby.   It's a 9 bedroom, 8200 sq. ft. stone mansion costs 22 thousand dollars per month and would keep Obama close to Washington's political scene. The additional parking on the property may be used to accommodate the Secret Service members who will be assigned to the Obama family when they leave office.

Joe Lockhart, the former Press Secretary for Bill Clinton owns the home, which is valued at around 6 million dollars.  Lockhart is now the Director of Communications for the NFL in New York City.

Despite widespread reports that this is their future home, it is odd that this level of detail about an ex president's future resident is already available to the public.