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Christians were fuming with Kelly Price when she sang this at a gospel event, then she went online to clear her name

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By Mona Austin

The styles of gospel music are so  diverse today that it is sometimes hard to tell when a song is gospel music. For attendees at the Indiana Black Expo, where R&B Diva Kelly performed on July 17, it was crystal clear what is not gospel music.

Price sang the adultery hymn "As We Lay" during what appeared to be the opening of the gospel segment.  Unbeknownst to her a schedule change placed her performance  ahead of the gospel portion of the event.  Unintentionally, it looked like she was the opening act.

Price immediately took to social media to air out her frustration after an event emcee criticized her "inappropriate" selection when she left the stage.

Vented Price, “I think this type of ignorance and this type of church bigotry is ridiculous and it’s the reason why people won’t come to church….I am very, very angry." 

Price, who also has a repertoire of gospel selections,explained tat she was not asked to sing gospel.  

An event organizer came to the artist's  defense clarifying what actually transpired in the following statement:

Fortunately, the Indy Black Expo helped set the record straight.  Price was satisfied with the manner in which they handled the controversy, saying she looks forward to returning t the event in the future.

"As We Lay " is about two lovers lost in an adulterous affair and their regrets after an overnight rendezvous.  The Shirley Murdock original was a hit in the late eighties and is considered an R&B classic. In the video Murdock makes a cameo as Price's mom, telling her "God is not gonna give you somebody else's husband."  Vivica Foxx is the wife of her lover.  Take a look!