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Ful Gospel Baptist Fellowship announces voting initiative

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ATLANTA, GA -- The Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International launches Full Gospel Unites, a mission-based, get-out-to-vote initiative encouraging 100-percent voter registration and participation from people of faith throughout the nation for the upcoming presidential elections. Our primary goal is to increase the number of voter participants, reflecting principles and values of faith that propel, uplift and improve often-marginalized communities.

The Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship (FGBCF) is an alliance of African-American pastors representing over ten thousand churches worldwide. As an active and participatory collaborative, the FGBCF is answering the call to address current issues of social injustice and concerns relevant to urban and suburban communities, including voter registration and participation discrimination.

Full Gospel Unites will work with its church and organizational partners to influence change by establishing media partnerships, discussions, prayer groups, educational sessions and forums, volunteering with church and advocacy groups, registering to vote, and helping others with voter registration and get-out-to-vote drives like "Souls to the Polls."  In addition, Full Gospel Unites will launch its Trinity Card™, a pledge card that encourages an eligible participant to identify as a registered voter or one who will register to vote, to commit to early voting, and to take three people with them to the polls.

Leading this initiative is Bishop Joseph W. Walker III, presiding bishop of Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International and senior pastor of Mt. Zion Baptist Church of Nashville, TN.  Bishop Walker is a respected pastor and community leader and an effective galvanizer of people.

"We are seizing the opportunity to shift our culture from widespread voter apathy to being an informed, engaged, energized voter base, actively participating in all levels of the political process, representing the values, principles, needs and objectives of citizens of faith and people of color as they move to vote," said Bishop Walker.

Full Gospel Unites invites community leaders, faith organizations, and individuals to join this initiative. For more information about this culture-shifting movement, or to partner with this Full Gospel Unites, visit