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PHOTOS: Clinton-Kaine begin grassroots campaign with bus tour

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By Mona Austin

PHILADELPHIA, PA -- Democratic Presidential nominees Hillary Clinton and Sen. Tim Kaine kicked off a historic multi-state bus tour in Philadelphia on their first campaign stop together.   On Friday, following the conclusion of the DNC Convention they appeared at rally on the campus of Temple University.  

Joined by their spouses (Bill and Anne) the team wasted no time reaching working Americans.   They tauted plans to offer free tuition and grow the job market to the greatest it has been since Word War II they said.  

Stops are scheduled in areas where Trump has a strong footing.  They are hoping to convert Republicans by shedding light on their collective experience in contrast to Trump's inexperience and lac of trustworthiness.  With their first stops in Harrisburg and Pittsburg, the tour will also take them to Cleveland, Ohio.

In Philly, Clinton was optimistic, though she acknowledged the economy must improve.  "There's nothing wrong with America that can't be fixed with what's right with America, " she said.

Kaine said that he and Clinton share the values of strong faith and hard work. 

Their goal is to register 3 million voters before the election.

Hillary Clifton embraces her running mate, Tim Kaine on their first  stop on the campaign trail on the campus of Temple University. Photo: Mona Austin