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Would-be Reagan assasasin to re-enter society

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The Washington Post reports John Hinckley, Jr., the would-be assassin of Pres. Ronald Reagan, has regained his freedom. Hinckley will be released from St. Elizabeth, a psychiatric hospital in Washington, DC after 35 years to the care of his mother in Williamsburg, VA. At the time of the assassination attempt he was ruled not guilty by reason of insanity.  Reagan was rushed to the hospital and survived the shooting.

A Paul Friedman ruled Hinckley, now 61, who was 25 years old when he pulled the trigger on the late president was walking out of the Washington Hilton Hotel, is ready to leave the hospital. Doctors have said for years he was no longer suffering from insanity and he has been living with his mother for 17 days out of the month.  

His release date (Aug. 5) comes with restrictions. Hinckley must volunteer or seek employment and will be followed by Secret Service periodically.

The gunman stated he had purchased the weapon he used on March 31, 1981 from a pawn shop and shot Reagan to impress Hollywood actress Jodie Foster.

UPDATE 9/10/16

The Washington post reports John Hinckley, Jr. the man who atempted to assasinate the late Pres. Ronald Reagan was released to his mother in Williamsburg, Virginia yesterday, September 9, 2016. A judge previously ruled he was no longer a treat to himself for society. As previously reported on The Slice he was expected to be released in August of this year. Learn more here.