GET WELL SOON: Illness kept Gabby Douglas from attending the VMAs

buzzz worthy. . .

Gabby Douglas was probably just as excited to be invited to present an award at the Video Music Awards as her fellow "Fierce Five" team members, but she had a more important enagement.  While many may have speculated that the Olympic gymnast was still salty over criticism from the 2016 Olympics, Douglas posted proof online that something major was keeping her out of the spotlight.  Douglas said she is doing fine, but missed the event because he had an oral surgery to have a cyst removed from her mouth.  It is possible the cyst existed when she was competing in Rio which makes her gold medal performance even more respectable.  Now that the cyst has been taken care of Douglas said she has to have some wisdom teeth extracted and we which her a speedy recovery.

She wrote about her health on Facebook on August 30:

"Hey guys! Just wanted to let you know that I'm doing ok! I had a complication from a prior injury that caused a cyst to grow on a bone in my mouth. Got it removed and feeling much better now! Thanks for all your concerns and prayers 😘 and HUGE thank you to the doctors that have taken care of me these last four days! 🙏🏾😁 ❤️#ontheroadtorecovery#butIstillgottagetthesewisdomteethout😩"