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Octopus anyone?: Obama's try something new on Martha's Vineyard

buzzz worthy. . .

The Obamas arrive on Martha's Vineyard for a 2-week vacation on August 6, 2016.

The President and First Lady were up for culinary experimentation on the first weekend of their Martha's Vineyard (MV) vacay.  They were introduced to a new island eatery, Down Island in Oak Bluffs on Sunday and shared the experience with friends after POTUS spent five hours at the Farm Neck Golf Course. At this trendy spot the chef chooses the menu, a move that has been known to make curators of cuisine famous.

The chef-selected set menu  (priced at $59) is prepared by Executive Chef Scott Cummings. It is an upscale communal dining restaurant built around "sea-to-table" gourmet cuisine that is  fresh and locally sourced.  Wine pairings and  signature fruit drinks are available.  

Down Island, having opened earlier this summer, is not the shiniest shell in the sea of restaurants on MV yet according to Trip Advisor.  It did not make their Top 10 list. Its  modern American menu is pulling the tide of travelers and locals, however.  At #54 out of 121 it is respectfully in the middle as far a rankings go.   Trip Advisor reviewers gave it an average 4.5 out of 5 using words like "exceptional" to describe the food.  

The Obama's narrowly missed the Jonah Crab that is being served this week.  Sunday's menu featured octopus with marble potato, ice lettuce, and bouillabaisse, Island-caught sea bass, roasted carrots, and chocolate pate.

Earlier in the day Chris Paul, Cyrus Walker, and Joe Paulsen joined the president for golf.