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The Luxurious Driftwood Restroom Trailer by CALLAHEAD Utilized Natural Beauty as Its Muse to Produce Old World Opulence

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NEW YORK, Aug. 2, 2016  -- It is no surprise to learn that President and CEO of CALLAHEAD, Charles W. Howard, has designed another incredible product for the portable sanitation industry. Let's face it, Mr. Howard and the CALLAHEAD team has raised the bar to the highest level. From creating the most sought after portable restrooms and guard booths to the best sanitary cleaning service in the industry. Which is why learning about what inspires Mr. Howard's innovative designs is always something both industry insiders, and outsiders get inspired by themselves. The Driftwood luxury restroom trailer is another highly sought after rental developed by portable sanitation industry mastermind Charles W. Howard that epitomizes old world elegance with nature as his inspiration. Mr. Howard created The Driftwood thinking about his childhood and growing up on an island in Jamaica Bay in Queens, New York. In The Driftwood's YouTube video Kimberly Howard, Mr. Howard's wife and CALLAHEAD employee provide us all full insight and walkthrough of The Driftwood. Mrs. Howard even recalls some of her husband's childhood memories of his grandfather. Also, recollecting how the driftwood washed up on the shores of the Bay and people would often use it for crafting and décor. The driftwood itself and the beauty Mr. Howard fondly remembers throughout his upbringing boating, and fishing on the Jamaica Bay inspired the high-end gray interiors and old world charms of The Driftwood luxury restroom trailer.

The Driftwood is an 18.5-foot restroom trailer with five stalls—including separate men's and women's facilities. The size is compact compared to their larger trailers, yet offers plenty of space inside to meet the needs of hundreds of people for a special event. The exterior of The Driftwood is crisp and bright, with an interior that delivers all the upscale amenities you would expect from high-end restaurants and five-star hotels. The elegant interior makes it ideal for formal or informal events from large weddings to intimate social gatherings. Inclusive of VIP amenities and features make The Driftwood perfect for your most formal event. The Driftwood is equipped with outdoor lighting, surround sound music, and thermostat temperature control for year-round use. When entering the trailer through the self-closing door, visitors are greeted with CALLAHEAD's signature signage, assuring everyone of the best in portable bathrooms. Each wide staircase includes an aluminum handrail for safe and easy access.

Both the men's and women's restrooms of The Driftwood feature gray faux granite walls. Extensive trim work includes base moldings, chair rail moldings, and crown moldings. There are also casement moldings around every door and skylight, and a frieze in a richly decorated vine pattern over the vanities and every stall door. The walls are beautifully decorated with museum style art that was custom framed and personally selected by Kimberly Howard for The Driftwood. Extra details throughout the entire restroom trailer are what make it a luxurious conversation piece for any event. The floors are faux granite, giving the trailer a clean, high-end appearance. The Driftwood is equipped with skylights as well as chrome-finished art deco sconce lamps and LED lights surrounding the mirror, assuring there is plenty of lighting throughout. The Driftwood's double sconce light fixtures were inspired by the grand age of ocean travel, which delivers a nautical touch. The Art Deco style of these sconces features banded glass shades, spherical accents, and a brilliant chrome finish.
The women's side of The Driftwood has two private stalls with floor to ceiling lockable beautifully painted wood doors. The doors have lead crystal knobs, and all decorative brass hinges represent opulence. In the men's room, there is a private stall, with the same high-end hardware, and two Sloan urinals separated by a faux marble privacy divider with marble caps.

CALLAHEAD doesn't miss a beat when it comes to restroom facilities. On both the men's and women's side, each stall features Sealand porcelain toilets, an attractive trash receptacle and a fan to keep the air flowing. Also, each stall has its own exquisite style framed artwork.
With The Driftwood, CALLAHEAD offers a luxurious experience in the sink area too. Vanity-style marble countertops provide a high-end feel, while the Kohler porcelain farmhouse sink basins add an eclectic touch. The chrome, automatic faucets provides both hot and cold water and has an automatic shutoff for convenience. Additions to the sink area include designer antibacterial soap dispensers, hand towels, filled tissue holder, elegant floral arrangement and in-counter trash receptacles to keep the area neat and clean. CALLAHEAD offers under-sink storage behind custom painted wood doors with carefully selected hardware that match beautifully with the stall doors. This storage allows for any extra supplies close at hand during busy events.

Charles W. Howard created The Driftwood, to show New York and the world that beauty and luxury, in fact, exists in the portable restroom industry. He designed every detail of the restroom trailer from start to finish elaborating on decorative touches to ensure every guest's bathroom experience far exceeds expectations.

When CALLAHEAD's professional uniformed specialist delivers The Driftwood or any of their luxury restroom trailers, special care is always provided. In about 30 minutes or less, a CALLAHEAD professional will set-up The Driftwood to ensure it is fully operational with all the amenities in place. A CALLAHEAD professional uniformed restroom attendant can also assist throughout any event upon request to ensure cleanliness is maintained from the beginning to end of your special event.

Charles Howard and the CALLAHEAD team are an inspiration to their industry. Always focused on providing the best customer service and delivering the world's best equipment to their New York customers. CALLAHEAD is New York's largest portable toilet company, serving the region since 1976. If you would like to learn more about CALLAHEAD, and experience their outstanding service and products for yourself, you can visit or call toll-free at 1.800.634.2085.