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Virtual Valor Group Readies the Release 'God My Hero' by Terrance Bell

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Houston, TX  (August 3, 2016)-- Houston-based record label, Virtual Valor Group, LLC readies to release "God My Hero," the third studio effort from recording artist, songwriter, producer, clinician and psalmist, Terrance Bell.  Label consultant, Roderick Jemison, announced it today.
The album encapsulates precise production, vocals, and vocal arrangements with powerful and sincere lyrics where Bell has no inhibitions, pouring out every emotion on this well-received project.
A song that instantly puts a smile on your face, "God's Worth," was written to show God's worth in all He does and because of who He is and what He has done and continues to do, He is worthy of all the honor we owe Him.
A beautiful piano entry coupled with Bell's powerful voice, "Whisper," is a powerful song that penetrates deep in the soul is a song that brings a larger focus to what God is saying to us. According to Bell, "we often time want to pray to God when we should also listen to God and meditate on His word. We often depict God as a strong thunderous voice when often time He speaks to us in a small still voice."
Written about simply wanting to ascend to heaven to be able to see God's face, "Face To Face" is that 'go to' song that keeps you focused.
Can you imagine the trumpets blowing, happy faces and everyone celebrating when you get to "Heaven's Gate?" This song gives you that feeling.  It's about the celebration and excitement when entering heaven, imagining the site and the constant celebration going on.
"Sign From You," is asking for guidance from God.  With a melodic R&B feel, Bell asks God to show him a sign, God I need a sign from you/I don't know what I'm to do/I really need to hear from you/ To go on.
The single, "God is God" brings joy to everyone who hears it.  He's God/Authority He has Power and command/He controls all the lands He's God/He's got all the right to see you/Live in harmony/Free from all captivity.
The Story Of Jesus is beautifully sung by Bell.  With clear, crisp instruments and a powerful choir, the song is about Christ our King and His reign.
Power, strength and sincerity is displayed when Bell belts out Redemption "Intro" (Encore) & Redemption (Encore).  This song is about the price Jesus gave by dying on the cross for our sins, and when He returns, what a day of rejoicing that will be but we must be prepared for His return because that day will be a day of redemption.
With excellent musicianship and simple yet powerful lyrics, "God My Hero," the title track, is about Bell being able to communicate and confide in God to be comforted knowing He will protect us and provide everything we need and more.  
The opening acoustic strings set the stage for the appropriate ballad, "Breathe."  A song that came to Bell a few years ago when the senseless shootings and brutality used by rogue police officers took the life (breath) of innocent humans that made him think about how we as a people were created.  "God blew in us the breath of life and because of His breath we are able to breathe and live. Since God is the One who gave us life, only He can take it," says Bell. 
"There have been times in my life when I didn't quite understand not only what God was saying to me but not even realizing when He was talking to me," says Bell.   "But through prayer, meditation, and the desire to want to be better and want to live in a better world, I begin to understand and know how to prepare myself to hear God."  "Hear You Now" is the upbeat, dance track that excitingly explains how Bell can now hear God.
As a musician who started playing different instruments at the age of seven, and a minister of music whose leadership have enhanced and transcended several church worship services where employed, there is no surprise that "God My Hero" is coined as the epitome of a strong praise and worship album.
"I just want God to preserve my life. I make no excuses or justifications for my setbacks or failures in my life.  I am going to make mistakes and I am going to stumble sometimes, but in my heart, I have salvation, with this I will receive deliverance, and if I trust and believe in God, Redemption is what He'll give me"-Terrance Bell.
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