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SCOTUS grants big voting rights win to North Carolina voters

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By Mona Austin

While presidential candidates are voraciously courting the Black vote, the very voting rights of African Americans have been under fierce attack.  

On Wednesday, Civil Rights groups in swing state North Carolina saw victory. The U.S. Supreme Court denied reinstating a previous provision that required North Carolina voters to show ID at polling places on the basis that the law targeted and discriminated against African Americans. The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals found that North Carolina Republicans targeted African Americans with almost "surgical precision." Forms of ID held disproportionately by white were found to be accepted more than IDs carried by Blacks.  

In 2013 key parts of the 1965 Voting Rights Act dealing with ballot access were struck down, leaving disenfranchised, minority voters at risk for a range of discriminatory practices. The High Court remedied potential voter fraud with deference to a previous lower court ruling in Richmond, VA this year, in a 4-4 split decision. According to the New York Times, early voting, same day registration, pre-registration of some teenagers , and a ban on counting votes cast in the wrong precinct will be protected under the ruling.