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Is history repeating itself as police attack Native Americans over pipeline opposition?

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Police waged an attack on Native Americans protesting the building of the Dakota Access Pipeline along the North Dakota border on Oct. 22. The police beat them with clubs and pepper sprayed them, allegedly unprovoked as they gathered to pray. About 80 people were arrested and taken away in armored vehicles according to local reports.

For months, "water protectors" form the Standing Rock Sioux tribe demonstrating their concern that fracking releases harmful chemicals in the environment and out of respect for a nearby ancestral burial ground that is near the Missouri River have gathered to pray as a form of peaceful protest. The protests were peaceful until September 3 when individuals from the company building the pipeline attacked. But the violence continues and has gone to brutal extremes according to some eye witnesses.

On October 27, police truck again. Since the last escalation, hundreds of young Native Americans have arrived on hore back to protect land hey believe is rightfully theirs and prevent history from repeating itself. The scene eerily looks like a the "Trail of Tears" that forced indigenous people westward, with massive deaths occurring in the process.