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TBN edits Kirk Franklin's speech on racial reconciliation; Where is the apology?

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From music to fashion and beauty, the mark of African Americans on popular culture is not only embraced, but often imitated.  The Internet has exposed an  excessive degree of racial and cultural appropriation targeting African Americans. That is until  entertainers begin to express their opposition to strained race relations or social injustices. That s whe opposition as opposed to inimtation crops up, often in the form of censoring the person wh was other wise supported.  Recently three leading black entertainers have been targets of censorship.  Gospel music icon Kirk Franklin, Pop music icon Beyonce and popular rapper Lecrae.

While accepting the Gospel  Artist of the Year honor at the 2016 Dove Awards (The Doves), Kirk Franklin delivered a poignant speech asking the Christian community to  unite in prayer across racial lines.  Franklin did not expect that TBN would edit his speech out of the show when it  aired on October 16.  

At the recording of this show a month earlier, Franklin addressed the mixed race crowd stating, "I do not like that the world is controlling the narrative. It should be us controlling the narrative."  

The gospel giant was referring to police killing blacks as well as violence committed against police.    He went on to ask everyone to pray for the nation.  The audience appeared completely receptive to his message.  After a pause Franklin received a standing ovation. He took that opportunity to pray on the spot, saying "Father forgive us for our silence." TBN controlled the narrative by omitting this moment from the show Franklin told syndicated radio jock Tom Joyner.  

“The church’s silence on this is becoming very numb. We should be disappointed. We should be controlling the narrative and not the world. We should be leading the charge. The response that night was incredible. The audience is 85% is white. It was a standing ovation…TBN edited it! Usually television shows edit for commercials but TBN doesn’t have commercials,” Franklin said regarding

Franklin was even more upset that his comments about an organization he supports that promotes educational equality did not get any exposure.

Skirting race relations issues within the Christian community continues to be a sore subject in America.  It is said that Sunday morning is the most segregated day of the week, suggesting that the healing needs to take place across the board, not just in an isolated event like an award show or concert.

Leaders in the Gospel Music Association (GMA), the arm that presents The Doves, made efforts to unite the Black Gospel and CCM communities by being more inclusive of broader genre categories and performance slots for both groups. The hosts of the show also represent both parts of the industry.   (This year For King and Country and Tye Tribbett co-hosted the event.)  This effort acknowledges the racial division in the church also existed in the gospel music industry. However, the GMA has not released a statement  addressing how or why Franklin's speech was edited or why his words on educational equality were dismissed altogether. To date the only level of outcry is coming from Franklin and his supporters and the organization has yet to respond. Where is the accountability if no one from The Doves or a representative from TBN does not speak out or apologize for offending Franklin and many of its viewers.  

Added Franklin during his interview with Joyner, "You are a Christian network that should be leading the charge on racial equality." This incident can not go unchallenged if TBN or the GMA want to maintain the respect of viewers.

TBN's actions are in the same vein of censorship well known  African American entertainers 

TBN's rejection of Kirk Franklin in a ministry context is even more of an insult, however. 

Unlike Christian rapper Lecrae, whose fans turned on him for supporting the #blacklivesmatter movement and addressing racism publicly, the Dove Awards audience . Lecrae wrote about the rejection he has experienced and how it has affected his ability to minister recently. 
The basic difference, which is no less concerning is that Lecrae is getting push back from the people in the pews (Believers) and Franklin is getting push back from people in the pulpit (Christian leaders.)  

Thankfully, video footage from Franklin's acceptance speech made it to the Internet before The Doves aired.  Take a look at the powerful moment here.