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Women supporting Trump are willing to give up voting rights for a win

buzzz worthy. . .#repealthe19th

The latest reaction to the Trump hot mic controversy could set the nation back nearly a century in gender relations.

Using the hashtag #repealthe19th, some female Trump supporters say they would be willing to give up their right to vote so he can win the election further widening the gender gap that Hillary Clinton and other women legislators and activists have diligently fought to close.

In 1920 women's suffrage or the right to vote was realized through the ratification of the 19th Amendment (The Nineteenth). Due to discriminatory Jim Crow practices, The Nineteenth was not applied equally under the law to all women, leaving Black women in some Southern states in particular out of the election process. Black women fully won the right to vote under the Voting Rights Act in the 1965. On Wednesday, Oct. 12, 2016, indicating growing anti-women sentiment within the GOP, the hashtag #repealthe19th began trending on Twitter in reaction to promising projections for Trump. The day before a group called FiveThirtyEight had posted a map projecting GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump would win if only men voted. They also produced a separate map that showed his opponent, Hillary Clinton would win by an enormous landslide if only women voted on Nov. 8.

While a woman can prospectively run the country and in the immediate aftermath of Trump being exposed for boasting about sexually assaulting women, the timing and message of this reaction runs counter to the progress we have made as a nation. Is the 2016 election forcing the hands of time to turn backwards?