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BUSINESS ALIGNMENT: You can't just give away your hard earned reputation

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SETTLE UP: People who think that success or upward mobility depends on who you know are perpetually seeking a connection with someone who offers more than they do, whether it is money, power, status or resources. This approach might work in a "soft," passive business relationship where there is no real expectation to impact the bottom line, but it rarely works in a partnership wherein branding and reputational assets should be tantamount. The tendency is that individuals who came to gain instead of give will "learn and turn." They glean knowledge and use it only to satisfy their goals, then exit.

In a partnership, both parties have the same goals. They must come into the relationship with equal strength in their respective practice areas, otherwise one party will always receive greater benefits than the other, causing the relationship to be ineffective. Mutual benefits equal mutual rewards.

You can't just give away your hard earned reputation. That is likely why they are attracted to you in the first place. You must obdurately inspect the prospect and NEVER lower your professional standards to appease their greed or desire to be "on your level." Give a side eye to the person who is more prone to getting the "hook up" than putting in hard work. If their system ever fails and they are not able to produce results authentically, where does that leave you? Iron sharpens iron. (Proverbs 27:17)