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THE FINAL COUNTDOWN: Last minute voting prep for the 2016 general election

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America, it's decision making time! The 2016 general election is tomorrow, Nov. 8. You have the power to choose the people who will lead the free world for the next 4 years and just as importantly, the legislators who help run each state. Following a controversy filled election season, this is perhaps the most pivotal election we have seen. For the first time in American history voters can determine if on Wednesday, Hillary Rodham Clinton will be addressed as "Madam President" as the first woman to become a major party candidate in the general election. Or, not. The choice is yours. No matter what you decide, participating in the process (as flawed as it may seem) is the only real way to initiate change.

A snapshot of the final days on the road to the White House for the two leading candidates find both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump stopping in key battle ground states, with the most stops in Florida. Today both candidates are in North Carolina. The email scandal that has followed Clinton has finally concluded on the weekend ahead of the election, but the damage has been done. The Trump camp continues to say she is guilty, squeezing the last bit of negativity form what has been a damaging tactic against Clinton, while FBI Director James Comey said the former Secretary of State did not violate the law. Meanwhile Mrs. Clinton is moving on an sticking to promoting the message that America is "stronger together." Because Trump is prone to attacks and outbursts on Twitter, his team reportedly took away his access to his Twitter account on Sunday. The state of Michigan is also a major focal point for both presidential contenders. Donald Trump has gained traction in the traditional blue state with Clinton holding a 4 point lead close to election day according to the Detroit Free Press.

Preparation is key to ensuring that you do not run into issues when exercising your precious voting privilege.

What to expect:

Where is your polling place and what are the operating hours?

Go to Complete the form with your current address. The address and operating hours of your polling place will show up after you submit your address. You will not be able to cast your vote if you do not go to the designated polling location in your zone. If you have moved your polling location has likely changed. You will need to update your records with your new address.

What to bring

Most states require and will accept a government issued I.D. Go to the Web site of your state board of elections or local government web site to verify the acceptable forms of I.D. If you do not have an I.D. you will be able to vote on a provisional ballot and given instructions on how to submit your I.D. later so your vote can be counted.

Who is on the ballot? There are 6 options for President/Vice President.

U.S. President/Vice President

Hillary Clinton/Tim Kaine (D)

Donald J. Trump/ Mike Pence (R)

Jill Stein/Ajamu Baraka (Green Party)

Gary Johnson/Bill Weld (Libertarian)

Evan McMullin/Nathan Johnson (Independent)

In addition, there are 186 Democrats and 246 Republicans running for U.S. Representative of the House or Senate. Go to for view the candidate/s on the ballot in your area.

What to do if you are intimidated or suspect illegal activity at the polls
Report any suspected form of voter suppression to

For election updates go to the VOTE WITH AUTHORITY Facebook page.

Best wishes for a problem free voting experience and may the best woman or man win!

Mona Austin