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Mass confusion and fury erupts over U.S. Muslim ban

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By Mona Austin

Following the Friday announcement of an Executive Order banning Muslim immigrants and refugees from traveling to the U.S. and enforcing "extreme vetting",   an avalanche of outrage and protests over the ban fell around the globe.   

Speaking from the Pentagon Trump's remarks set a precedent by targeting an entire group of foreign nationals for religious and security reasons.  "We don't want'em [sic] here, said Trump, referring to Islamic Muslims, citing they are a terrorist threat. 

The news has caused mass confusion and Iran to respond in retaliation with a ban on American travelers. 

Amid Muslim visitors being detained at U.S. airports, by Saturday a federal judge based in New York halted the ban and deportation at the request of the American Civil Liberties Union. This is only the beginning of a battle that will ultimately be fought in court.

Muslim travel ban sparks protests at  U.S. airports.

While campaigning for office Trump vowed to crack down on Muslim immigration, then proposing a travel ban to completely shut the door on Muslims entering the U.S.  He had the support of 71 percent of Republican voters, 34 percent of likely Democratic voters and 49 percent of independents (Source: Morning Consult.) Proponents of barring Muslims are concerned about the spread of Sharia law. Republicans criticized Obama for not identifying several mass killings in the U.S. as terrorist attacks initiated by radicalized and non-radicalized Muslims during his last two years in office, suggesting that Muslims who are already in the U.S.  pose enough of a threat.

White House Chief of Staff Rance Priebus added to the confusion of who would be impacted by the ban and has since back tracked on coments about Visa and Green card holders being rejected.  Priebus defended Trumps's actions, but not all Repiblican law makers are in the president's corner.

Tweeted Justin Amash (R-Michigan) : "It’s not lawful to ban immigrants on basis of nationality. If the president wants to change immigration law, he must work with Congress."