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NAACP leader arrested at Sen. Jeff Sessions office

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Cornell William Brooks, NAACP President (C) along with colleagues during a peaceful sit in at the office of Sen. Jefferson Sessions.

 A two-day Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearing for Jefferson Sessions (R-Ala.) the 70-year-old controversial conservative  who  Donald Trump selected for Attorney General, is underway.  If the NAACP and many doubtful voters have their way, Sessions won't be confirmed.

Leaders of the NAACP, including its Pres. Cornell William Brooks, were arrested last week following a peaceful sit in at Sessions office, an alleged racist designed to prevent Sessions from becoming the Attorney General.

On Jan. 3 Brooks tweeted the above photo, accompanied by this message:

The & are occupying the Mobile office of --untill he withdraws as a AG nominee or we're arrested.

Brooks remains undeterred despite the arrest.

Brooks told CNN he broke one law in order to have Sessions enforce all laws for all people, particularly in context to the Voting Rights Act (VRA). In the 1986 Sessions was accused of voter disenfranchisement, resulting in the Senate saying he was "too racist" for the job back then. Sessions has a substantial record of making racist comments, yet denies he is racist.

Mr. Brooks is an attorney and a man of the cloth.