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Sasha Obama's absence from Pres. Obama's farewell speech raises concerns

buzzz worthy. . .

When Air Force One departed Washington today, the Obama's youngest daughter, Sasha did not board the plane. As the camera panned the arrival of family and the Bidens, Sasha was noticeably absent from Pres. Obama's farewell speech.  Immediately, the question arose online, "Where is Sasha?"

It was noted in a press pool report that FLOTUS and Malia followed Pres. Obama onto AF1. There was no mention of Sasha.

Some of the tweets were speculative. . .

Some were out of real concern. . .

Obama praised both of his daughters as his eldest, Malia sat next to her mother in tears, saying "I am most proud to be your dad."

The hashtag #wheresSasha was a trending topic.  America wants an answer.

Sasha's exact whereabouts and who is with her are unknown.  Her grandmother, Marian Robinson, and all the members of her immediate family were in Chicago.

At this hour we do not have a reply to our inquiries to the White House, but The Slice Report wishes baby girl well and will provide and update when more details emerge.

UPDATE 11:45 P.M., Jan. 10, 2017:

A White House official confirmed Sasha Obama stayed in Washington because she has an exam in the morning at Sidwell School, where she is a high school junior.