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SILVER SPRING, MD. - Jan. 13, 2016 - TV One's True Crime programming block continues with new episodes of the network's hit crime and justice series Fatal Attraction and For My Man every Monday night.    

Beginning at 9 p.m. ET, Fatal Attraction delves into real-life stories of criminal acts committed under the guise of love and the tragic consequences that turn deadly. Recounting stories of love-gone-wrong, each episode consists of first-person interviews from loved ones, accounts from investigating officials, interrogation footage, recreations of pivotal moments and haunting cinematography. Immediately following at 10 p.m. ET, For My Man is jam-packed with new incredible stories of the lengths some women will go to keep the love of their man. Shedding light on the outrageous and shocking stories of women who have been arrested for a crime they committed in the name of love, each episode includes interviews of those closest to the events - family members, friends, witnesses, investigators and journalists - as well as psychologists, lawyers and when possible, the subjects themselves. For more information about True Crime Mondays visit and check out TV One's  YouTube Channel. Viewers can also join the conversation by connecting via social media on TwitterInstagram and Facebook(@tvonetv) using #FatalAttraction and #JusticeByAnyMeans. An overview of new episodes for the next two weeks is below.

 MONDAY, JANUARY 16 Fatal Attraction (Episode 604): Louis Saint-FleurPremiere: Monday, Jan. 16 at 9 p.m. ET         Louis Saint-Fleur met Natasha Martin at an Atlanta nightclub, and they instantly hit it off. But the romance comes to an abrupt end when Saint-Fleur is found shot outside his apartment complex. As police start investigating, they learn Martin isn't the single woman she pretended to be. She lives with her high school sweetheart, Dennis Simmons, and their infant son. As the investigation continues, detectives find out Martin was planning to leave Simmons for Saint-Fleur.  After Simmons' story doesn't add up, he's arrested. A jury convicts him of first-degree murder and he's sentenced to life in prison. For My Man (Episode 303): Rembert/MartinezPremiere: 

Monday, Jan. 16 at 10 p.m. ET       When Virginia college student Candice Martinez meets fellow student Dave Williams, she can tell he's not like anyone she's ever met before and their attraction is instant. When they both fall on tough times; the two come up with a dangerous plan to improve their financial situation. Together, they decide to commit a series of crimes that will turn Martinez from an innocent college freshman - to one of the nation's best known fugitives. After going through a turbulent childhood in Florida, teenager Genet Rembertworks the streets to get by. But when she meets an attractive pimp namedMackenley Desir, she can't help but be swept up by his charms.  After he offers her a place to stay, she becomes his devoted slave. So when he gives her a job as his right hand woman, she doesn't hesitate to do what he asks of her, even if it means holding multiple victims captive. 

MONDAY, JANUARY 23 Fatal Attraction (Episode 605): Anna ListPremiere: Monday, Jan. 23 at 9 p.m. ET         Anna List was a beautifully gifted high school student with a bright future. The only passion that rivaled her love of academics was for her boyfriend, Dominic Oyerinde. But their dreams are put on ice, when List is found unconscious with deadly blow to the head. The evidence in the investigation leads them back to Oyerinde. He is convicted of first-degree felony murder and sentenced to life in prison. For My Man (Episode 304): Annishia Smith/Tina YoungPremiere: Monday, Jan. 23 at 10 p.m. ET       Annishia Smith is not the typical girl next door. She is the girl every man wants and her boyfriend, David Bell, knows just how to make that benefit him. With Bell's approval, Smith hatches a plan to get him everything he wants and more. Later, bored housewife, Tina Young, is unhappy with her tedious life until she meets Larry TooleyTooley and Young share a euphoric connection that unfortunately alters the life of an unsuspecting family. 

MONDAY, JANUARY 30 Fatal Attraction (Episode 606): Michael GilesPremiere: Monday, Jan. 30 at 9 p.m. ET         Michael Giles flew helicopters in the Air Force for 20 years, which is where he metKwaneta Harris. For the next decade, Giles and Harris had an on-again, off-again relationship. But by the fall of 2007, Giles' family hadn't seen him in more than a year. They grew suspicious, especially with his vague emails, and filed a missing persons report. Throughout the investigation, Harris tries many tricks to throw them off-course. But the evidence eventually leads back to her. She pleads guilty and is sentenced to 50 years in prison. For My Man (Episode 305):  Cortnee Brantley/Regina MillerPremiere: Monday, Jan. 30 at 10 p.m. ET       Raised by her grandmother and the harsh streets of East Tampa, Cortnee Brantley has struggled through much of her adolescence. After dropping out of high school she meets street hustler Dontae Morris who is the drug kingpin in town. Morris is in-and-out of prison for much of their relationship and soon ushers Brantley to the center of a terrifying evening that will put her loyalty to the test. A lonely heart and multiple mouths to feed prompt Regina Miller to pack up her life and start fresh in Muncie, Indiana. There she meets silver-tongued, ruggedTerry Rutledge who helps her mend the pieces of her broken heart. But just when it seems she'll be able to start a new life with her new man, Miller's beau sweet-talks her into cleaning up his dirtiest mess.

Fatal Attraction is produced for TV One by Jupiter Entertainment with Todd Moss as co-executive producer and Robert Twilley and Harrison Land as executives in charge of production. For TV One, Lamar Chase serves as Producer and Director of Programming; Tia A. Smith is Executive in Charge of Production and Sr. Director of Original Programming and Production; Robyn Greene Arrington is Vice President, Original Programming and Production; and D'Angela Proctor is Head of Original Programming and Production.
Justice By Any Means is produced for TV One by Jupiter Entertainment for Todd Moss and Allison Wallach serve as Executive Producers. Executives in Charge of Production are Robert Twilley and Harrison Land. For TV One, Lamar Chase is Producer; Tia Smith is Executive in Charge of Production and Sr. Director of Original Programming; Robyn Greene Arrington is Vice President, Original Programming and Production; and Production; and D'Angela Proctor is Head of Original Programming and Production.