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Vicki Yohe's pro-Trump rant offends fans, causes major backlash

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If 2017 has not taught entertainers anything else it is that you can not say what you want on controversial topics and not expect the cyber fan batallion to come hunting for your head!

Gospel singer Vicki Yohe is the latest celeb to receive backlash for supporting Donald Trump. She is trying to clear her name after Black Twitter (ad the rest of the Internet) went off on her for an Instagram post/meme that implies God was not with the Obama Administration. The meme shows Jesus carrying luggage and reads: On my way back to the White House." Underneath the photo she states, "March all you want to, protest all you want, DONALD J. TRUMP is our president for the next four years, no weapon formed against him shall prosper."

Many people were offended by the fact that she has embraced a leader who is widely associated with racism and sexism. Some people are also upset because Yohe, who was signed to Ce Ce Winans' label at the start of her career, has largely made a living with the support of black churches and fans. In addition, the singer insulted women by taunting the March on Washington that occurred a day after the Trump inauguration.

In the first of two responses the "Because of Who You Are" singer denies claims she is a racist. In he second response she said she believes Jesus was in the White House when Obama was in office, but she should never endorse colored lights on the White House, which is how the White House was decorated after same sex marriage was approved at the Supreme Court level.

Yohe is paying the price for her unpopular opinion. Her Twitter account has been shut down, her Facebook page has been set to private and she was reportedly cancelled from several upcoming appearances.

Vicki Yohe explains her intent