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Kim Jong Un is prepared for war with the U.S. The North Korean leader says he will continue missle testing despite requests to stop.
Multi-Grammy winner Keith Urban washonored at Grammys on the Hill inin Washington, DC for his commitment to music education in schools.
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Obama's 2008 speech is top prize at Jackie Robinson Anniversary auction today

As a captivating speaker, President Barack H. Obama has often been compared to Martin Luther King, Jr.  He accepted the democratic nomination for president precisely 45 years  to the date of King's "I Have A Dream" speech.  His words are not only significant socially and historically, but also come with a high price tag.  Recognizing this fact, an auctioneer from New Jersey has placed the value of  Obama's 2008 acceptance speech, which is 54 pages long and kept in a black binder,  at over 1 million dollars.  Today, that speech will be auctioned as the grand prize at the 70 anniversary auction for the Jackie Robinson Foundation.  Bidding starts at $100,000.

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