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Multi-Grammy winner Keith Urban washonored at Grammys on the Hill inin Washington, DC for his commitment to music education in schools.
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OVERVIEW: The VP Mike Pence Asia Pacific Takeover

By Mona Austin

Over the last several days Vice Pres. Pence has been on a diplomatic relations tour in Asia as conflict continues in Syria. A visit with our "frenemy" China underscored the desire to maintain trade agreements.

One of the most sigificant stops was in Japan, where Pence emphasised our postive standing witht the nation. "The United States-Japan alliance is the cornerstone of peace, prosperity, and freedom in the Asia Pacific. And let me be clear: Under President Donald Trump, the United States stands unwavering in our alliance and unyielding in our resolve to defend all that we have built together over these generations."

Leaving words of gratitude to U.S. service members today, VPOTUS spoke on the USS Ronald Reagan at the Yokosuka Naval Base in Japan. Said Pence, "The Good Book tells us, 'if you owe debts pay debts, if honor, then honor, if respect, then respect.' I stand before you today, on behalf of your Commander-in-Chief, to pay a debt of gratitude to each of you and to express the well-deserved respect of the President of the United States and the American people for all of you who wear the uniform of this country.

In the most direct outreach to Muslims from the Trump Administration, Pence will visit Muslims in Indonesia and participate in a discussion with interfaith religious leaders at the Merdeka Palace on Thursday.
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