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Colorado Law Enforcement Perform DREAMer Stories on Stage, Challenging Trump Administration Immigration Policies

Law enforcement leaders and undocumented immigrants come together for the first time to deliver groundbreaking, powerful monologues on immigration in the U.S.
BOULDER, Colo.May 1, 2017  -- Undocumented immigrants are facing unprecedented challenges under President Trump's administration - and law enforcement officials are speaking out. Yesterday in Coloradoeight criminal justice system leaders, including the Boulder County District Attorney, Sheriff and five community Police Chiefs, stood in solidarity with six undocumented immigrants and performed monologues written by DREAMers in the play, "Do You Know Who I Am?" The stories delivered a message about what it's like to be an undocumented immigrant in the United States to a sold-out crowd.
"You don't know me. And yet all kinds of people, when they find out I was born in Mexico, they act like I'm a criminal. I am not a criminal," exclaimed Longmont Police Chief Mike Butler, reading a monologue written by DREAMer Hugo Juarez.
Motus Theater worked with undocumented community leaders to help them write and perform autobiographical monologues that were woven into the award-winning play.
"I am undocumented and unafraid," said activist Victor Galvan. "Having law enforcement publicly recognize the problems we face on a daily basis is incredible. I am honored they heard our voices and joined us in amplifying our message."
The law enforcement leaders hope that the performance will help build a bridge between them and an undocumented community that is growing increasingly fearful of the new administration's immigration policies and the officers who are enforcing them. 
"It's really discouraging to see how the 2016 presidential election has hurt the immigrant community," said Boulder County District Attorney Stan Garnett. "We hope the performance will continue to send the message that if you're a human being, you deserve the protection of law enforcement - whether you have an irregularity in immigration status or not."
The performance was live streamed by more than 1,000 users on the Motus Theater and the Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition Facebook pages, creating a national dialogue about immigrant rights in the U.S. View the full performance here: 
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