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Is Pres. Trump's way the only way to fix the "Muslim" problem?

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By Mona Austin

In early January a mosque was burned down in Texas, an example of Muslims in America being the targets of hate and danger. Such actions infringe on Muslim citizens' Civil and Human Rights and underscore Trump's isolating  message.

In his first week as president Donald J. Trump executed a series of bold and controversial executive orders including aggressive action that introuced "new vetting measures to keep radical Islamic terrorists out of America," he stated at the Pentagon on Frday, adding, "We don't want 'em [sic] here.  

The travel ban against 7 Muslim Majority nations -- --that has shaken the international community, especially Muslims who are worried about their loved ones entering the country and being detained at U.S. airports. 

But world leader are alarmed too.  Trump worked on a Saturday  taking phone calls from leaders of five countries in one day, presumably to smooth out relations, but he never addressed the attack on that mosque.

Within 2 hours there were reports of heightened profiling and harassment against Muslims. Today the president is mounting pressure against Muslims under the cloak of national security. Tomorrow it may be another group of citizens receiving unfair treatment at the hands of a leader abusing power. Women, blacks, Jews, gays, or violent criminals in Chicago. . .

Understandably, drastic times call for drastic mesures. I am not summarily opposed to   a leader making bold, decisive moves, but they must be informed, calculated and focused on the best interest of the country.  By no tretch of the imagination should a leader make a deicion based on personal gain. Some people hav attemptd to enter the countryunde theguie of being refugees and that is not safe. Trump has legitimate concerns.  Since his methods seem excessive and unfair, what is the alternative to addressing the problem?

The aggressive ban on Muslim visitors (EMPHASIS ADDED ON VISITORS) and refugees signifies "democracy" as we have known it is quickly dissipating and re-shaping the Republic under the leadership of Donald J. Trump. Mr. Trump is directly ostracizing an entire religious group (Islamic Muslims) with little to no consideration for how his decision impacts the tone and treatment of American born Muslims.