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By Mona Austin

Pres. Barack Obama concentrated heavily on the energy sector throughout his time in office. From supporting innovations in green products, to  being a proponent of clean air and signing the Clean Air Act, to leading the renewable energy revolution in the West, Pres. Obama  was pro-energy refinement. Republicans are completely ignoring these facts and the major growth in the energy industry under the Obama Administration in the roll out of the energy plan.

Today, while speaking at the Department of Energy, Pres. Donald Trump rolled out an energy plan as if one has never existed before his term began.  In his introduction, Vice Pres. Pence said, " Welcome to a new era of American energy, a new era in American energy dominance.  And welcome to an era defined by the pro-energy leadership of President Donald Trump.
"We're gathered here today," he stated to DOE employees,  "as further evidence that President Trump knows that affordable, abundant, and reliable energy is the foundation of American prosperity.  In fact, since day one of this administration, President Trump has taken decisive action to unleash the unlimited potential of America’s energy resources, and we're just getting started." 

Trump continued the charade when he spoke saying, "The golden era of American energy is now underway. And I'll go a step further: The golden era of America is now underway."  He says we will rely untapped forms of energy in America and exporting.

The United States' commitment to being a leader in "good energy" is nothing new.  However, POTUS AND VPOTUS give the impression that their administration is about to take on energy like never before.  A climate change denier is ready to take the reigns of the energy world?  Note that in the Obama era climate and energy were discussed in tandem and the Environmental Protection Agency that Trump will dismantle by this year's end was instrumental in key energy reforms.  Trump withdrew form the Paris climate agreement, redressing why in his speech on Thursday.

There is one piece Trump did not borrow form Obama's playbook -- his support for coal miners.  The coal-miners that Trump promised to rescue will be pleased to hear that reviving their industry is a part of the plan.  Obama did not think that coal was as viable as it once was and did not focus on it.  
Maybe Mr. Trump does not know it is not new if it has already been done before.  His commitment to clean air and water, for instance is an example of a continuation of what the Obama Administration already established, not the start of something new.

Take a look at the "America First Energy Plan" for more information.

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