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MINDSET MATTERS: Are you networking or fleecing?

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By Mona Austin

Entrepreneurs say, "Your network determines your net worth and you will only be as successful as those in your inner circle."  People do business and live their lives around this notion. It sounds good, but I don't buy into this self-serving philosophy, mainly because the benefits in the relationship will be one-sided.

Any good relationship starts with having common interests or goals and organically develops from there.

You build relationships with people. Not with what they can do for you or because of who they are! You can't use people or their networks to get what you want. It's wrong. And it won't work out well. Instead focus on building people. Building bridges. Building friendships. And building connections that last a lifetime.

If the benefit is persistently one sided, that'snot networking -- that's fleecing.   No one signs up to be used and once they realize they are the "relationship" is usuallyy over.