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Pres. Trump proclaims June as Black Music Month, acknowledges late Aretha Franklin



   Throughout American history, African American music has reflected our Nation's challenges and triumphs and has always enriched our Nation's culture.  During African American Music Appreciation Month, we pay tribute to the talented and inspiring African American artists who have given sound and voice to the full range of human emotions through the blues, jazz, gospel, rock and roll, rap, hip hop, and other genres.

   Last year, we lost one of our Nation's most beloved African American musicians, songwriters, and singers, Aretha Franklin, the "Queen of Soul."  She was an 18-time Grammy Award winner and the first female artist inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  During her extraordinary career, Franklin infused her talent and unmistakable style into gospel, rhythm and blues, rock and roll, jazz, and even opera.  Her songs are treasures of the American music canon.  A recipient of the Presid…

Tasha Cobbs Leonard launches Curvy Girls Athletics apparel

(Greenville, SC) — Tasha Cobbs Leonard continues to expand her business ventures with the launch of CURVE Athletics, announced today. 
Following the successful launch of Fritz Eyewear last summer, Cobbs Leonard broadens her retail brand with CURVE Athletics. Billed as an “Athleisure” apparel line for women with CURVES, the line promises to offer stylish, comfortable and fun pieces that can are worn for workouts, a busy day running through airports, or on a hot date. This collection is designed with the plus-sized woman in mind. Each piece is structured with a breathable, and supportive high-end fabric that provides both a comfortable and shaping hold.  
CURVE Athletics offers outfits for everyday occasions with both the security and shaping of a body garment, but with the ease and flexibility of your favorite sweat pants. Key elements include a waistband that never rolls down, targeted compression that offers a flattering fit, and easy movement. CURVE Athletics is available in a range…

WORD FOR WORD TRANSCRIPT: What Trump said about Mueller's comments on the probe

A day after former Special Counsel Robert Mueller spoke on the record about his findings in the Russia probe, Pres. Donald Trump is still claiming complete innocence and a group of Democrats are urging an impeachment inquiry. It's the latest chapter in the tug-of-war  to control the narrative on whether Pres. Trump colluded with the Russian government.  Contradicting Trump, Mueller clearly stated it was not within the bounds of his role to prosecute the president for two main reasons: 1.  The Constitution does not allow a sitting president to be indicted and 2. There was not sufficient evidence for him to pursue legal actions, but he went on to imply that Congress could. 

Attorney General William Barr in reply to Mueller's statement maintains that Trump did not obstruct justice and went on to belittle Mueller's reasoning saying, "The Department of Justice does not use our powers as an adjunct to Congress. In his initial review of the Mueller Report Barr said there was …