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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Leandria Johnson is wearing a wedding ring. . .

buzzz worthy. . .

Leandria Johnson is engaged.   .  . right?  After midnight, the Grammy winning gospel artist posted a brief "I said yes" video on Socialcam showing off a ring. "I said  yes.  Can you believe it Socialcam?. . the newness?"  We see the ring, the big smile and the gleam in her eye, but Johnson never says "I am getting married" or "I am engaged." A source close to the singer  informed me that marriage was in the plans with the father of her last child, Caelington who was born last September 12.    This could be the moment. We are awaiting confirmation of this "presumptive posting" from Johnson or an official party. We hope it is in fact an engagement announcement and wish the couple well.  If they are indeed tying the knot I will let you know when the church bells will be ringing.