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Alleged Deitrick Haddon nude photos surface

buzzz worthy. . .

What do Anthony Weiner, a politician and Deitrick Haddon, a preacher have in common? Allegedly, sexting.

Nude photos and text messages from the gospel artist and co-star of Oxygen's new hot reality show "Preachers of LA" (POLA) have surfaced.  According to the Funky Deniva blog, an ex-lover of Haddon's has supplied incriminating shots of the  "God Didn't Give Up on Me" singer dating back to 2008.  If there is any truth to this  allegation, this may be an extreme example of what critics of the show were afraid of -- exposing the frailties of men of the cloth.

The story was posted on October 17, which was the last time Haddon tweeted.

Funky Deniva says he received a text from a woman (who could be using an alias), who identified herself as "Simone the woman he cheated on his first wife with." Even though the affair would have occurred five years ago when Haddon was married to his ex-wife, gospel singer Damita Haddon, it is highly questionable as to why this dirt was not unearth until his name started blowing up on the show.

BACKSTORY: Earlier this year Haddon confessed about the details of his failed marriage online. He claimed that Damita had been involved in an extra-marital affair with gospel singer Isaac Carree and if he was that powerful of a man of God their union would have lasted.  Shortly thereafter he admitted to having a child out of wedlock.  On July 20 of this year Haddon married the mother of his child, Dominique.  Like Damita, Dominique works with Deitrick as a part of his choir, League of Extraordinary Worshippers and she appears on POLA with him. The Detroit bred artist appears to be in a restorative phase of his life currently.

Haddon said in the POLA promo, "It's all about truth for me from now on. . .the truth about my baby out of wedlock, the truth about my divorce, it happened, there's nothing I can do about it."

The show has wrapped so there's no chance this scandal will be addressed during  POLA, but perhaps Haddon's camp will release a statement since he's into being totally transparent these day.