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Ami Rushes Urges Christians to stop playing church and 'Stand Up for Jesus'

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"The climate of the Country dictates that we, as the Body of Christ, must Stand Up For Jesus"-Ami Rushes

LOS ANGELES, CA-July 15, 2015-Ami Rushes is a woman on the move.  Since the release of her fifth effort, "Stand Up for Jesus" (SUFJ), she's been touring spreading the goodness of Jesus and encouraging everyone to join the movement and Stand Up For Jesus.

As an author, Ami released "Monday Manna: Spiritual Nuggets To Start Your Week," to encourage, as an award-winning gospel artist, her projects are all created to inspire and give hope to the Godly and ungodly and as a philanthropist, she constantly gives back to charities, social media-followers and the like.  Her current single, "Stand Up For Jesus," is just another example of how she genuinely cares about spreading God's word and encouraging so many to get right with God--it's just something she felt needed to be heard in the event someone would be reminded to do what is right.

"I chose to release SUFJ as my third single because the timing is right," Rushes explains.  "With the climate of the country today-hate crimes, police brutality in our cities- we simply must, as the Body of Christ, Stand Up For Jesus.  We as Christians do this by standing up for what Jesus told us to do-love God, love people and do what's right simply because it's right."

At the hearing of Dylann Roof, who fatally shot nine people inside Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church in Charleston, South Carolina, the daughter of Ethel Lance (victim) told Roof, "I forgive you.  You took something very precious from me. I will never talk to her again. I will never, ever hold her again. But I forgive you. And may God have mercy on your soul.  It hurts me, it hurts a lot of people but, God forgives you and I forgive you." 

"This is standing up for Jesus!" exclaims Ami.  "We as the Body of Christ must let the world know that God is not dead that He is yet alive.  Be bold. Be courageous.  Stand Up For Jesus!

"Stand Up for Jesus" is for everybody-believers and non-believers as well and Rushes' prayer is that it might cause non-believers to listen and be curious about Jesus.

When asked, what it means to stand up for Jesus, Ami explains, "What it means to take a stand for Jesus is to not be afraid to talk about the Lord. Not to be afraid to stand up for Biblical principles even when it's not politically correct."  She adds, "It also means to try to put into practice the things Jesus taught us like walking in love with everybody even when they do you wrong. It's time to stand up for God in our nation by voting for people that practice the truth of God's Word. It's time to stand up for Jesus when our children are sent home from school for praying or bringing a Bible."

Rushes feels that believers can Stand Up For Jesus today in every walk of life-On their jobs, in their homes, in their relationships and in their desires.

"Stand Up For Jesus" opens with the lyric, 'Were living in perilous times saints war and rumors of war (no one can deny that)/It's time for the Body Of Christ to stand up and be a witness for the Lord..../Anybody want to be a witness?'  Rushes believes that these words may cause someone to ask the question 'What does it mean to be a witness for the Lord?'  What does it mean to be part of the body of Christ? How can I be a part of this and consequently a conversation begins.

"We are living in the last days and I feel that we have to get right with the Lord," states Rushes.  "We need to be the Church instead of playing Church and we need to bring as many people to Jesus as we can. It's time to get serious. It's time to Stand Up For Jesus even if it means losing friends...God will send the right people into your life and even it means you are alone for a season, you can use that time to grow in the things of God."

"Stand Up For Jesus" is the title track from Rushes' current CD, produced by Kurt Carr and is available at or