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SC Senate approves removal of Confederate flag

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Today the South Carolina Senate approved a bill to remove the controversial Confederate Flag that has flown over the state house for over 50 years. 

“I applaud the Senate’s decisive action … and ask that the House act swiftly and follow the Senate’s lead.” S.C. Governor Nikki Haley said following a senate vote to remove the confederate flag that has flow under the American flag since 1991.

The Senate's vote is one step closer to the permanent removal  of he flag.  A two thirds vote from both the house and senate chambers  is required before Gov. Haley can sign off on prohibiting the flag from state house grounds.

Opposition the the honorable placement of the flag has been ongoing for years, but gained momentum when the man who killed 9 black parishoners in a Charleston, SC church was seen in photos with the flag just before he allegedly committed murder.  The self-confessed shooter, 21-year-old Dylann Roof, was seen in photos online spouting a racist manifesto, often waving the battle flag that many Americans view as synonymous to hate.

Today's 36-3 vote represents a glimmer of progress as some house Republicans are expected to put up a fight .  

"It's about how to heal wounds that stretch back many years," Sheheen said of removing the flag. "We've been pulling the Band-Aid off really slowly, and it hasn't been good for us."
Sen. Larry Martin, a Republican, said his view on the flag changed after the deadly June 17 attack at the historic Emanuel AME Church. Police say accused shooter Dylann Roof reportedly shouted racial epithets, and several photos of the suspect showed him posing with a Confederate flag.
"It isn't part of our future. It's part of our past," Martin said.

In Virginia, battle between a local NAACP chapter and a private citizen rages on 
Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe