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George W. Bush embarrassed his entire family at the Dallas cop memorial and FLOTUS was not here for it

buzzz worthy. . .

George W. Bush and Michelle Obama at the memorial service for 5 slain Dallas police officers on July 12 2016.

The memorial service held for 5 slain Dallas police officers yesterday was the beginning of healing for many across the nation as people of various faiths, races and political affiliations came together to mourn.  In the hours following the ceremony, former President George W. Bush, who spoke at the event, is the center of attention for all the wrong reasons.

Bush had a smile on his face and appeared not to realize he was in a funeral by swaying to the music in an over-the-top manner.

There are two things George W. Bush should know: The "Battle Hymn of the Republic" is sacred and as a Christian that "playing" in church is not permitted. (The memorial service for the Dallas cops was equivalent to church.) Because he -- a former U.S. President -- of all people should know better, Bush gets the DUNCE OF THE DAY AWARD! Former First Lady Laura Bush was trying to keep him calm, but he kept smiling and grooving at the most awkward time. He was locking arms to show unity like everyone else, but unlike anyone else he did not show respect for the occasion. 

The ultimate disapproving look came from First Lady Michelle Obama who was linked to him and clearly wondering why Bush was actually showing happiness during the solemn event. Bush has had his share of gaffes, but this has got to be his most embarrassing experience yet. See for yourself in the video clip below!