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IMPACT REPORT: Celebrating America’s Federal Workforce

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“So whatever or whoever inspired you to join public service; whether you’re a young person who just signed up because you want to make a difference, or a career employee who has dedicated your life to that pursuit – I want you to know that it has been my privilege to call you my colleagues.  This precious experiment in self-government only works when we have selfless citizens like you.”
-- President Barack Obama

Our Nation’s civil servants are making Government smarter, faster, and more responsive to the needs of the American people. They’re partnering with leaders and advocates from State and local levels to help ensure the voices of the American people are heard. They’re finding ways to process health benefits applications for disadvantaged tribal populations more efficiently and effectively, and making important strides in ending veterans’ homelessness. They’ve worked to swiftly transport American aid workers with Ebola to the United States for life-saving treatment, and helped engineer a new spacecraft that could carry humans farther into space than we’ve ever seen before. They run airports and embassies, take care of troops and their families, defend the Nation’s borders, make sure roads and railways are designed and built safely, and advance the frontiers of science and innovation.

America’s Federal workforce relentlessly pursues the mission of bringing lasting change to the lives of ordinary people across America, often at great personal sacrifice and in the toughest of circumstances – including a politics that does not always fully recognize the value of their work.

Today, the President issued a video message thanking Federal employees for their service, and recognizing the enormous difference they make in the lives of Americans. To celebrate the accomplishments of the Federal workforce, today the Administration is releasing a list of examples demonstrating the impact Federal employees have had in making Government work better for the American people, whether by leveraging technology, helping local leaders realize their goals and visions, advancing the frontiers of science and innovation, increasing access to opportunity for all, or driving efficiency in Government operations. The list, while not comprehensive, shines a light on the some of the Nation’s civil servants great and most lasting achievements over the past eight years.

We encourage you to tune into the livestream today at 10:00 AM ET to watch senior Administration officials at the White House discuss the importance of public service and announce the President’s 2016 Customer Service Award winners.